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Does anyone know any good World War 2 films suitable for children?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rosaymia, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. rosaymia

    rosaymia New commenter

    Any DVDs suitable for children (Year 5) apart from Goodnight Mister Tom?

  2. rosaymia

    rosaymia New commenter

    Any DVDs suitable for children (Year 5) apart from Goodnight Mister Tom?

  3. Carrie's War is suitable.

  4. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a 12 but there are probably sections you could use. Depends on the class.
    And there's always the Sound of Music!!! (not)
  5. QFE

    QFE New commenter

  6. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is about children being evacuated to the country. Although is a fantasy element to the story e.g. the old woman being a witch, there are some scenes about being evacuated and what it meant for children at the time.
    Scenes near the end about unexploded bomb etc, london not being safe, nazi invasion etc.
  7. The newest Lion, Witch and Wardrobe film starts with children being evacuated. 'Carries War' is very, very boring - although, as an adult, I loved the book - it's not gripping enough for children. I showed my year 5s it and they were really baffled by how dull it was an thought they were missing something.
  8. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    I was going to show the children a film I watched online called 'The Devil's Arithmatic'. Just checked out the rating and it is a 15! It's about the holocaust, but it doesn't show anything graphic! Shame.
    Would you show a 12?
    Would you show a PG?
    Our policy is only show if it is a U (although I bend this rule for PG)
  9. We watched the '1940s House' and the children loved it. Modern family in 2000 are taken to live in an wartime house under wartime conditions as far as possible. The boys in the family are 10 and 7 so there was a lot of empathy from my class. The Gran is a bit fruity but I warned the class beforehand and they took it in their stride. We had lots of discussion on rationing, air raid shelters, bombing and bomb damage, family roles, jobs, woman's place and heroism.

  10. Wylfie

    Wylfie New commenter

    Not sure if WW2 but Valiant is a cracking film (message carrying pigeons etc). Obviously is animated but I did it with yr4's on a placement and they really enjoyed it-and got the point! Lots of opps for history/lit/art links. Bit leftfield but I try :)
  11. BBC Look and Read have a series 'Spywatch' which all my classes have loved.
  12. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Carrie's War & Goodnight Mr Tom are the usual ones I've seen used (as a supply) & Spywatch was certainly very good but you might have to tunt around for a copy.
  13. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Should read 'hunt around'.
  14. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    If youwant some idea of life in ww2 then the bbc the 'coal house at war' documentry? deals with life ina welsh close in the 2ww.
  15. The first half hour of John Boorman's Hope and Glory. Shows family life, outbreak of war, evacuations, then some bombings, but then gets a bit racy, which is why it's a 15 rating.
    You should also be able to get the BBC's The Machine Gunners on YouTube, although the quality is a bit ropey.
  16. I heartily agree with your Year Fives. Shockingly dull story: 'girl gets evacuated and farts around in Wales for a bit'. I read it simply because, given all the mention it gets, I thought it had to get better at some point. It didn't.
    Carrie's Bore should be struck off school reading lists.
  17. Look for the thread on BBC Look and Read- one of the posters here does DVD copies of all of the series for sale. Well worth it.
  18. hobgoblintc

    hobgoblintc New commenter

    If it's the effect on those at home including evacuation, air raids, family life, rationing etc then you could always book our WWII show, "The Thompsons' War", which deals with all of the above and more in a 60 minute interactive play. We also follow it up with a drama workshop for the children who've watched the play so they can explore themes further...
    Have a look at www.hobgoblintheatrecompany.co.uk for more details.
    Hobgoblin Theatre Company
  19. Britons at War from Channel 4 Learning is excellent. It's the old 'How we Used to Live'. 5 programmes - a documentary style progamme at the beginning 'The Road to War' and end, 'Never Again' with 3 drama programmes in between covering the Blitz, rationing, women's war work, Jewish refugees, racism, evacuation, etc etc (an East End family, full of familiar faces, including Jim from Eastenders!)
    It's a brilliant resource, my P7s love it and it has a Teacher's Book you can buy with it!
  20. asnac

    asnac Lead commenter

    Hmmm.... Hamlet: 'Prince gets moody and farts about talking to himself'. Oliver Twist: 'Urchin gets booted out of workhouse and farts about in London'. Seriously you're really missing something, my classes have always loved it. The exploration of guilt, the child misreading the motives of adults, the value of instinct over reasoning, the sympathy we cannot help feeling for the bad characters. The only negative about the story for me is the saccharine ending.

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