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Does anyone else have a timetable like this?????

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by diabloglo, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. I am a level 3 TA and our SMT are in major panic mode as OFSTED are due in the summer term.
    After 26 years experience, I am now doubting my abilities as the Head is criticizing everything we are doing (or not doing!)
    My newest timetable (my 4th since September) has me running like a headless chicken to fit everything in and I really don't feel I'm doing anything properly.
    For example my Monday goes like this.
    8.30 Prepare for my sessions
    8.45 Playground duty
    9.00 Supervising handwriting
    9.15 Literacy input ( 6 Yr1 children)
    9.30 Literacy activity with 8 Yr1 children from a different class
    10.00 Phonics with 6 Phase 3 children
    10.15 My break
    10.30 Playground duty
    10.50 Numeracy input (6 Yr1 children)
    11.10 Numeracy activity (8 Yr1 children)
    11.40 Catch Up numeracy intervention
    12.00 Supervising SEN having lunch
    12.30 My lunch
    1.00 5 groups Yr1 children guided reading
    2.30 Catch Up Numeracy intervention
    2.45 BRP intervention
    3.00 Take children to school bus
    3.10 Preparing resources as directed by a class teacher
    4.00 HOME!!!
    The rest of the week is very similar.
    Just curious as to whether other TAs do the same. If I had wanted to "teach" I would have trained to be one!
  2. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    Whew ! Hope you get a lie down on the weekend. No mine isn't that busy but every day is different. I do Letters and Sounds and Guided Reading x twice a week.Support in class and run intervention groups for 1/2 hr, 1/2hr, and 1 hr slots.Work with EAL and cover PPA. I often get ask to do other duties and have to fit them in to 15min slots when I 'm not on duty or at lunchtime.
  3. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    No is the simple answer but I am secondary and work from 8.30 to 3.30 with either one hour for lunch or 20 minutes break and 40 minutes lunch depending on lunch duties. I get two hours of admin a fortnight
  4. I know it's easier said than done, but ditch the voluntary stuff.
  5. It's the" voluntary stuff" that makes the job worthwhile for me at the moment.
    A Comenius Project involving trips to Belgium, Germany and Latvia during the last year and a Connecting Classrooms project which will take me to Kathmandu for the 2nd time in 2 years!
  6. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    Wow! that is a really busy timetable. Whilst I have a tight time table (KS1) I do have 20 mins with my intervention groups during the afternoon. (I have three groups) I also pick up some one to one readers the rest of the afternoon. During morning I may like you have one group out explaining a task, send them back to class then work during the main literacy/maths time with another group. However, this is all planned by class teacher so not so bad. Every day I also have a phonic group (my group has 15 children) that I plan for myself and also a short maths session with another group of 15 chi;dren. I only do one playtime session per week and definately no lunch time duties. I am usually planning during this time otherwise I'd have far too much to do at home. I do think my work load is well balanced and I do enjoy the variety but I think if I had your workload I would be mortified!
  7. Hi,
    My timetable is also very much like yours, I often feel as though I haven't time to breathe! It's like you're on a treadmill that you can't get off of. We are due our Ofsted any day and the pressure is getting to me!
  8. Well I think the clue is in the job title...Teaching Assistant. Which means we ....oh yea...teach. What a shocker!
    If you write down every little thing that a TA does in any given day it would resemble yours, that's the job.
  9. That seems like a very typical day in our school too. That's the job now days! I have been a TA for 15 years and this is the norm along with covering whole classes for PPA and other class cover at the drop of a hat.
  10. Yep, v.similiar to my day too! However, the difference between TA's and teachers is that teachers have had training to learn how to "teach" and are paid more money! We are supposed to be Teaching Assistant's - not teachers!

    I cover Mental Maths sessions, comprehension work during Guided Reading, 1:1 teaching support and 2 ALS sessions with 5 children each week. This on top of my normal TA duties. As I only work part time too, it's v.hectic (and stressful at times) trying to fit it all in.

    If I'm asked to do additional duties, I'll discuss with the teacher about how best to slot it in. Generally though, as a rule, I've learnt NOT to volunteer for extra stuff!!
  11. Why are we classed as non teaching staff then?
  12. I'm an HLTA but also a trained teacher with QTS. I run singlehandedly the literacy catchup at a secondary school. I teach individual lessons to pupils with reading ages of under 8 (!) in year 7 & 8. I am expected to teach 25 hours per week with no planning time or support from teaching staff.on the specifics of what to teach them. I also cover handwriting, dyslexia, and every SEN case including autism, downs syndrome and cerebral palsy. I get no paid lunch time and use this for catch up planning etc. I get no paid holidays and have just had my rights to overtime removed by the authority because I am over a spefic wage increment. I will no longer attend parets meetings outside of my paid hours due to being refused time in lieu on top of everything else.
    I hate it when I hear teachers moan about how hard their lives are - be a TA for a term and see who really does the work.
  13. I agree, we can only help teacher so much without being stretched so far we start to lack in other areas. Teachers are paid their wage, we are paid ours...
  14. Yes mine is similar except we dont get a break when we're on playground duty and we dont get time to prepare resources. I also have to support 1 particular child with SEN interventions too aswell as TA duties. Yes it is full on all the time but I do enjoy my job so wouldnt change it. I like to be busy (just as well!)
  15. Count yourself lucky to be paid as a L3. My timetable is pretty similar, although I often work until 4.30 and take work home. I am paid only as a L1!!
  16. how many other level 1 ta's teaching phonics out there?
  17. lpoolannie, it does seem that your workload is heavy (as I'm sure we all think ours are) but statements like this:
    are surely just designed as a wind up?!
    I'm guessing that your issue is (understandably) pay related. By claiming that teachers are not <u>working</u> as hard as TAs is utter tosh...and yes, I'm speaking generally here - there will always be a minority who don't pull their weight regardless of their role!
    I could bore you by detailing everything that I do on a day to day basis but I won't.
    It does sound like you are responsible for the SEN caseload at your place. Is it worth speaking to the SENCo/line manager to see if you would be able to have some planning time where possible? As SENCo, I timetable in planning time for our LSAs who run a significant number of 1:1 interventions.

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