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Does anyone else get annoyed with myjobscotland?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by going_lala, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. It seems almost impossible to filter a search correctly without missing jobs.EG. to get ONLY primary teacher jobs (with no secondary, HT, DHT, PT, secretarial, co-ordinator jobs.)
    You have to open each advert to see which school it's in.
    When you click 'back', it just decides to go to any old page, rather than the previous page of the search you were viewing.
    It seems to be very easy to miss jobs altogether because of this! arrrrrghhhh
  2. piglet171

    piglet171 New commenter

    To quote a delightful person I spoke to at one of the councils when they first went over to my job Scotland and there were a number of other problems:
    "Treat it as a learning opportunity"!!!!!!!
  3. I only have expereince of using myjobscotland to apply for jobs in Edinburgh. They only recently switched to using it and the 2 interviews I have had, I was informed about both by email ONLY! I was shocked by this, but think is good in terms of saving paper.
    All other interviews I have had , I have been informed about either by post or on the phone as well as a letter.
    I think different LAs do different things(It's not the same throughout myjobscotalnd), maybe it's just Edinburgh who use email only? Or maybe it's just the schools that I applied to... Not sure, but I definately think it's worth keeping an eye on second emails, or setting it up to forward to your main account if you can.
  4. Hi

    Just for information, I got an invitation for interview from Perth & Kinross council through email only. Good thing I check my email every day!

    Also, thanks for the advice about using the back to search results instead of just going back, much easier to find my way round it :)
  5. Just found another trick to make things *slightly* easier. Once you have searched for the key word 'teacher' click on the 'salary range' tab at the top. This will arrange the adverts in ascending order according to salary. This at least weans out promoted/ed psych/occ therapist etc posts. Still have not found a successful way of seperating primary and secondary jobs
    Have also just emailed them about the problems. We shall see if there is any response!
  6. Hah, I got a generic response - we will pass iton, keep note of it until the next review.Got the impression they don't care.


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