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Does anyone else always leave everything till the last minute??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lindenlea, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Just think about the stress caused by being on the last minute and just bloody well get on with it - there is no magic method.
  2. Yes always. I try to be organised but it never works. Once I did all of my work at the start of the holidays and spent the rest of the time on edge thinking I had forgotten something!
    I think I am one of those that just works better under a lot of pressure....why change the habit of a lifetime?!
  3. captain oats

    captain oats New commenter

    I always leave everything until the last minute. I was the same when I was at school and uni as well.

    If I was to do everything at the start of the holidays I would have to use the last few days of the holiday reminding myself of what I had already done!
  4. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Well write a list then and put lovely big ticks next to all those lovely achievements.
  5. I have spent the whole holiday (well, not the whole holiday but a fair bit of it) encouraging my son not to leave his History essay to the last minute...

    and have left all my medium term planning to the last minute!
    Ho hum
  6. Lol!!!

    That's exactly what I'm sitting doing after having 2 weeks to sort it all out!!!
  7. I posted something similar on here a few days ago - and I still haven't started! I have spent all afternoon on the computer playing games, etc but am no further forward with my work! have had family here for the past couple of days and the house also looks a mess but i can't get motivated to deal with that either! And then I know I will hate myself when it gets to Tuesday and I am trying to do everything in one day![​IMG]

  8. This is me to a tee! I can barely remember what I spent my time doing at the begininng of the hols, let alone any planing or work I could have done (but didn't!)
    And, pocoyo- you are not as last minute as me- it's only Saturday [​IMG]
  9. Since having my baby i have realised that everything that's importnat/vital WILL get done- it always does! The only thing that doesn't get done is hours of procrastinating over borders, clipart etc for flipcharts/worksheets! Don't get me wrong- there are a fair few other things that don't get done that aren't necessary- I was told as an NQT to accept that fact, and never did until now. We have worked hard for these holidays.
  10. Yes! I can waste hours looking for a single resource for one lesson!!!

  11. Me too. Guilty as charged. Everything left to the last minute.

    This is why:

  12. I got all organised and spent the first part of the hols preparing evverything for work as I was going away for the last part of the hols, but I know that come monday night, I wil be checking everything in case I forgot something.
    Now I ask myself, was being super effiiciant in the first place really worth it??
  13. I went away camping at the start of the holiday, as I know from my previous holidays, when I've promised to do all my work in the first week... I just procrastinate. Have spent the last two days in a near breathless panic, over what I have to do now...... glad i'm not alone!
  14. Plan nice things to do for the end of the holidays so you <u>have</u> to get it done at the start! I knew my boyfriend was home for the Easter weekend, so I didn't want to be spending all my time planning when I only see him every few weeks.
    Also I like a good 'to do list' so I can tick things off and see the progress!
    Good luck
  15. NO! NEVER!!!!
    Planning and organisation are my middle names!
    I estimate accurately how long something is going to take and anticipate any possible delays. I put everything on an electronic planner with the date is needs doing by, and it pops up every day until it's done. I never leave things to the last minute unlike my incredibly irritating family, who probably turned out like that because they knew I'd have organised everything already.
  16. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Last minute, indeed, yes. Tomorrow's planning = Holiday News.

    Thursday = royal wedding activities (to be decided)

    next week - No idea, but have a 4-day break to figure that out!
  17. I find that if I don't leave things till the last minute then I just drag it out and end up spending longer on it! It's the best way :)
  18. Disorganised? Or just putting off what you can't face doing? There is a difference - I'll do the ironing or clean out the fridge, rather than tackle that pile of marking; especially if I think it's going to be disappointing work. Set yourself a couple of things to do every other day, or two days together, two days off. You'll be surprised how the pile gets lower as the days go on. Or get up really early one day and get stuck in while the house is too quiet to do noisy things. I got up at 5 one morning and had done nearly 4 hours work by 9am - fabulous feeling! Either that, or just accept that you're going to relax all holiday but pay the price of going back to work really stressed!
  19. Argggghhhhh!! How quickly have the hols flown by? I try not to think of all the things that need doing because it makes me sleepy (I feel like an Ostrich putting its head in the sand!) I guess thats a coping strategy of sorts ;o)

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