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Does anyone do the Edexcel full course over 3 years, with 1 lesson per week?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by SteveWoodhouse, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. SteveWoodhouse

    SteveWoodhouse New commenter

    In answer to the OP, it should be relatively easy to do in 3 years at 1 hour per week.
    I'm not saying it's a good way to do it, but it's definitely do-able.
    The course has two units. Each unit has four sections. Each section has eleven topics. Each topic can be done in one lesson. That's 2 x 4 x 11 = 88 lessons.
    Each school year has 39 weeks. Minus 6 weeks for the half-term you'll miss after the exam in Year 11, 3 x 39 = 117 - 6 = 111.
    111 - 88 = 23, so that gives you 23 'spare' lessons to miss for PSCHE, INSET days, etc.
    Steve W
  2. Hi,

    We do, and it works. Start year 9, 1hour a week, currently sit religion and society in year 10, and religion and life year 11. It's do-able, but rather rushed. Will change 2014 with the current year 9's sitting two papers.

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