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Does anyone do iGCSE French?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jaex, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of changing to iGCSE French from next year and would really like to hear about anyone's experience of "the change". Please contact me if you can advise. Thanks,

  2. I'm thinking of changing to iGCSE French from next year and would really like to hear about anyone's experience of "the change". Please contact me if you can advise. Thanks,

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Did you ever get any reponse? and did you decide in the end? I'm now in the same situation as you were last year. Could you give me your opinion?
    Thanks a lot.
  4. If you're in an Independent school, it's probably fine. If not, check whether IGCSEs are recognised by the govt for performance tables. I think they might not be - but can't swear on it.
  5. tinapina

    tinapina New commenter

    I teach in an international school abroad, and haven't taught GCSE French since 2003 so I am a little unsure of the changes to GCSE since then.... but I find the IGCSE course in general a bit more rigorous than GCSE. The oral exam is more or less the same ( 2 role-plays, presentation and general questions) reading and listening similar, but the extended writing ( 2 essays and very little choice, very demanding ) We use Encore Tricolore 4 as a text book in Years 10 and 11 which is good as our students are high ability. It is a good foundation for AS study. Hope this helps !
  6. It all depends on your reasons for wanting to change to IGCSE. I have taught both IGCSE and GCSE, the former is more like O Level in terms of the standard required, therefore a better preparation for AS Level if your students are very able. For average students, avoid like the plague!
  7. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    We discussed it at length at our HMC meeting yesterday. In a nutshell Cambridge is harder than Edexcel, until recently I firmly believed that both were too difficult for the C/D borderlines to tackle but at the HMC meeting those schools doing iGCSE seemed really happy with their results (though they had some concerns over the marking of the speaking, which seemed too harsh and had to be appealed, successfully so). I'm still not sure. I'd probably give your pupils a past paper and see how they cope, but my impression is still that it may be too difficult for my borderlines. For the A/A* it definitely seems like a good option, particularly as the topics are quite appealing and the challenge may well motivate them to keep going at A-level.
    Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm still uumming and aarring.
  8. We are taking the plunge with Cambridge IGSE for the top two sets in Year 10 this year, and all sets from next year onwards. One of our teachers went to a conference about it, and the verdict was that it was quite accessible for bottom sets.
    My concern is with the marking of the writing - I believe that marks are only awarded for completely accurate structures, which is not going to help some of the weaker pupils who have trouble spelling even in English, e.g. due to dyslexia. At least in the current and old schemes, they would receive some credit for something which was almost correct (e.g. nous sommes allé).

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