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Does any get DLA benefits for undera active thyroid?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by gemjam, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know if you can get DLA benefits for having underactive thyroid? What about claiming if you have diabetes type 1?
    I've been told by a friend that you get DLA for diabetes but not thyoid problems. Anybody know if this is true?
    Any help would be appreciated
    Cheers ;-)
  2. Does anyone know if you can get DLA benefits for having underactive thyroid? What about claiming if you have diabetes type 1?
    I've been told by a friend that you get DLA for diabetes but not thyoid problems. Anybody know if this is true?
    Any help would be appreciated
    Cheers ;-)
  3. I don't think you can. I have an under active thyroid myself and have looked at a government website just out of interest, however, if you learn different let us all know on here.
  4. For both of these conditions as long as there are no other complications you should not get DLA.

    eg. thyroid problem take thyroxin

    Diabetes type 1 - under age 16 may get DLA but any adult is capable of injecting their insulin (apart from say severe arthritis in hand joints - thats what I mean about complications)

    DLA is meant to be awarded for the needs arising from the condition not the condition itself (so technically a person with a leg missing should not get DLA if they have amputation)
  5. DLA has two parts Mobility and care
    If as part of your illness/condition you have reason to believe this effects your mobility or that you need to rely on care from others to care out tasks, then you can apply for DLA.

    If however your condition is treated with drugs and you have no need of assistant why would you want to apply?

    DLA pays for the extra cost involved when you cant walk very much or indeed at all- taxis are expensive but if you cant get down steps at train station what choice do you have. If need to have heating on as you dont move as much. Paying the extra expensives as part of your illness/disabliity. Ie if you cant cook, pays the extra expensive for more ready prepared foods.
  6. Thanks everyone.
    I don't want to claim myself, but I had a discussion with someone who is making a claim for diabetes and I said that I thought that was wrong and that it would be rejected.
    Just thought I'd ask as you lot seem to know so much so thanks for that.
  7. If you have an underactive thyroid you are prescribed free medication for it. Once the dosage is sorted it should not impact on any aspect of your daily living arrangements.
  8. It's all down to the complications and care needs of the individual sufferer of the disease/problem; I would advise visiting the CAB, where you should be able to have a consultation with a person who has probably dealt with hundreds of applications and appeals. There is definitely no such thing in legislation as a sentence which states 'you cannot be awarded DLA for diabetes'.
  9. nope..not a cat in hells chance, it is a fully controllable illness
  10. Diabetes on its own as an illness does not qualify for DLA..treated with medication.....just as some people of mentioned other complications eg. most adults can inject (not wanting to is not a suitable reason), having arthritis means you could be awarded.

    Be careful with CAB - they don't know as much as they think about the benefit and promise lots leaving many people with false hope when they don't actually qualify
  11. Has anyone read the DWP link? All quite clear on there. As for CAB, I am a volunteer and all we can do is advise on eligibility and assist with the mammoth form filling requied. We have no control on who gets it and certainly wouldn't make any promises.
  12. what is DLA sorry?
  13. Disability Living Allowance. It is a benefit which is intended to help with the additional care or mobility costs of those who experience a mental or physical disability.
  14. Do you have under active thyroid? If you do and it doesn't impact on any aspect of your daily living I'm very pleased for you-not everyone is the same! Please bear in mind everyone is different and as a sufferer for 8+ years, with meds that are stable I can assure you it does have impact!
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  15. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    Incurable conditions, however well managed, can be counted as a disability in terms of work, anti-discrimination laws etc, but not necessarily for DLA. From my experience of seeing a few friends/acquaintances battling to get DLA for different and highly justified reasons and having it turned down so they have to appeal again and again, I'd think the chances of getting it for something like diabetes or underactive thyroid would be very slim to non-existent.
  16. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    OH is type 1 diabetes and for him, it is not a disabling condition. For some, those, the impact of having had diabetes from childhood can be catastrophic and DLA may be appropriate to support them with their disabilities.
  17. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    All you get with an underactive thyroid gland is your medical exemption certificate, if you've not got that you need to get it sorted. Fill in a form at your GP, get them to stamp it up and send it off, you get a little credit card style thing to show you don't have to pay for prescriptions. An underactive thyroid gland is a chronic medical condition not a disability.

    Also if it's properly treated and you're on the right dose for your body then it shouldn't really have any impact at all. If you are feeling an impact then get down the doctors and get your levels checked and talk about reviewing your medication. The normal range is just a range, if your numbers are in the middle it might still mean you are underactive as your body might need a level of free T4 near the top end of the range.

    Since we're showing medals on this I've been diagnosed and on treatment for 19 years with the bonus of not having medical people realise there was something wrong for nearly 10.
  18. GLsghost

    GLsghost Star commenter

    DLA has been replaced by PIP. There is a Care element and a Mobility element, with 1001 questions to complete on the form.

    From what posters have said here about the condition, I think it unlikely that the condition described would qualify for PIP - unless the person is affected in such a way that they have significant care needs or are unable to be mobile.

    The criteria are set out in the link:

  19. Well actually I was born without a thyroid . Yes can be managed but has a lot of side effects in my life even being mamaged. For years my dose has been increased and increased as I've got older . Just saying were going on who's had what for how long I'm nearly 24 and was born without one .
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