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Document attestation- Posting to Qatar Embassy?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by jessicabrougham, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter


    I was wondering if anyone has gone through this process before and can offer some advice.

    I have already gone through the attestation process once, getting documents ready to move to Doha to teach.
    However, I have recently found out that I am a couple of documents short, so need to get those sorted. I posted them off to the FCO yesterday, and am just waiting to receive them back. With my previous documents, I personally went to London from Liverpool. For the new ones, I would rather not do this again as I would have to wait until we break up for summer- and that would be cutting it close time -wise. Plus, the extra cost of train fares is something that I could really do without. So...

    1) Can you post the documents to the embassy?
    if so...
    2) What address do I send them to?
    3) Will they send them back?
    4) Will this take significantly longer than submitting them in person?

    I would be very grateful for any advice!

    Thanks :)
  2. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    Please don't take this as a sarcastic response, but you'd be better off contacting the Embassy directly. Check their website.
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  3. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    I know, you would think that would be the easiest option... but I can't find any detail regarding this on their website.

    I have also tried calling them twice, but no joy.
  4. vcorreiapinto

    vcorreiapinto New commenter

    I would get in contact with them first, either on the phone or via email, because if you make a mistake with your documents it might prove costly as well as a waste of time. You might want to send them these questions as I found that they responded to emails quite quickly.



    (Phone Calls):
    2.00 PM - 4.00 PM Monday-Friday.
  5. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    I emailed them in April, before I took my first lot of documents down, but never received a reply. I have just tried them again though.
    I am just hoping that someone who may have been through the process before could offer some advice.
    Thanks for your advice though :)
  6. krakowiak6

    krakowiak6 Occasional commenter

    WHy not use a visa agency based in London to take your documents to the Qatari embassy and then post them back to you. Just Google qatar visas. I used Regent visa agency once and they did everything for me.
  7. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    Is it not really costly to do this?
  8. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    Is it not really costly to do this?
  9. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    I used to teach in Qatar, Post is almost non-existant believe it or not. I would be VERY careful about sendling any documents. Might even be worth you contacting HR in your school and see what they advise. Which school arej you moving to?
  10. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    That is surprising, but it is to be sent to the embassy in London though, not in Qatar. So would think post would be ok?
    It's Durham School for girls, it is a new one :)
  11. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    Oh Yes, sorry. Yeah it's a funny old place to loive, so modern in some ways and really old in others. I used to work for Doha College. If you do post, id maybe give them a ring them first and then make sure you send everything special delivery. You could always scan them in and email them also or do they want the originals? I didnt have to send anything when I went out, we just did it when we got there. We flew into the country on a visitors visa for a month while it was all sorted. Do you mind me asking what doscuments they are after? Still might be with you contacting your HR and see what their advice is?
  12. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    P.S how exciting for you. I loved it but we had to come home after i had my daughter as I. really missed my family.
    jessicabrougham likes this.
  13. jessicabrougham

    jessicabrougham New commenter

    Thanks, I'm really excited to go but a bit nervous too.
    Yeah, I already had my degree certificates, transcripts and letters of confirmation all sorted but I now need to get my DBS and ACRO certificate done. I think I will send it by tracked delivery, but I will give them a call again too. It's stressing me out a bit because I'm cutting it close now, but I'm sure it will all be sorted before I go :)
  14. NikiDoha

    NikiDoha New commenter

    Yes it will all be fine! You will have a great time. Lilterally had such a fab time when I was out there.

    Hope everything works out!
    jessicabrougham likes this.

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