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Document Attestation- Anyone Any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Ceecees, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    I need to get my documents attested for Qatar. Obviously it is a very costly process, with the new rules introduced at the beginning of June. Can anyone recommend me a particular company that they have used?

    I'm just worried as I seem to be getting vastly different quotes and advice from different companies. I'm getting quite short on time too and need to do it asap or risk having to pay more.

    Also does anyone know if transcripts and a covering letter are also needed for a PGCE certificate?
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    I took mine, admittedly quite a few years ago, to a local solicitor and it cost £120 to get my degree, QTS and teacher registration done.

    Have you contacted your school? They may cover these costs, many do. Just remember that you only have to do this once. Once they are done, they are done.
  3. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    Hey, what did your school tell you to do should be your first thing. I did mine all myself, once I had the to do list.

    I believe the quickest cheapest way is to get them attested locally, I used the solicitor firm I used when I brought my house from.

    Then I went to London but nowadays they accept walkins I believe. So post to get it done at fco ( I think) then ensure you have. Self addressed envelop for them to post it on to the next step & also have another one inside to send it back to you. You could courier services along the way too I assume.

    The Qatar embassy sent it back to me in a few days. You can also collect it from them too.

    There are different routes to get it done, unfortunately with different prices.
  4. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    Thanks guys for the replies. I went for a company as I'm moving about a bit before I move to Qatar because I'm based in England, but not from here. Still no word from anyone on the PGCE certificate, been researching but no one seems to know.
  5. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    I just got my PGCE attested etc & sent my school my transcripts as is.
  6. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

    I attested everything in the uk. It's all ready for when I get to Qatar. The only thing I need to do is get my pgce translated once out in Qatar. It's cheaper to do it in Qatar from English to Arabic and can be done through scanning and emailing. The attesting does cost a bit and my HR in Qatar do not cover the cost of the attestation or translation. I've had to pay for my children's birth certificates to get attested for RP purposes.
  7. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    Thanks again for replies.

    Zdaea did you have to get your PGCE transcripts and a PGC cover letter attested also? Or was it just the certificate? I have my first degree, transcripts and cover letter done. However, there is some confusion over the PGCE certificate with the new rule changes.
  8. fmohamed1234

    fmohamed1234 New commenter

    Hi are you guys moving to Qatar ????
  9. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

    I only attested my pgce and qts as well as my ba degree. Did not do any transcripts as would cost too much and haven't been asked to do the transcripts. I've also not been told about any changes or issues that may arise even though I've asked my HR but they seem to be adamant that all is needed is pgce and qts but no mention of transcripts.
    I'm going Qatar.
  10. fmohamed1234

    fmohamed1234 New commenter

    me too zdaea
  11. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

  12. snowflakesfalling

    snowflakesfalling Occasional commenter

    What are transcripts?
  13. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Document translations in to a different language
  14. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

    I was on about transcripts that come with your degree. The translated documents can be done once in the other country. I'm getting mine done in Qatar as it's easier.
  15. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    Yeah moving in about 4 weeks! EK
  16. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    Yeah the transcripts are just an overview of all the modules you studied and the grades you got for each to show how your overall degree classification came about. According to new Qatar visa rules you need a cover letter and transcripts attested along with your main degree. So it costs a lot ;(. I'm going to be so annoyed if I didn't have to get it done!
  17. Ceecees

    Ceecees New commenter

    Thanks for the tip, I'll wait to get it translated until I get there.
  18. martinulsan16

    martinulsan16 New commenter

    If you use an agency to get your documents attested you're going to p ay through the nose. The mark up will probably be £50 per document if not more. Just get a cheap notary public to sign the documents yourself and send them to the FCO yourself. I got a notary public to sign my degree and it cost £30. The FCO cost £30. I got disclosure Scotland to notarise my CRC for FREE by sending it back to them once you receive it and they sign it for free so no need for a solicitor or notary to sign it. So altogether, I got mine done for about £90. If I'd used an agency it would have cost tonnes more. Your will cost a bit more with transcripts but only £60 more if you find a notary for £30 like I did. Some notaries ask for over £100 a document. Just t ell em to get lost in that case and go somewhere else.
    drvs and Ceecees like this.
  19. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

    I've not attested my transcripts as asked my HR and they are adament it's not needed. It may depend on who is applying for your RP and whether the company (HR) accept just degree certificate. Suppose we will soon find out! I'm
    off to Qatar in 3 weeks on Saturday! Good luck all
  20. zdaea

    zdaea New commenter

    I rang Qatar embassy today and was told because I attested my documents before the new law, I do not need transcripts or letter from Uni. I'll be taking my transcript and Uni letter with me just in case but they explained that any degrees that were stamped and attested before 1st June will not need transcript attested. I've got them certified but don't have time to send them now so will take them with me just in case they change their minds. I can always re send them from Qatar.
    Ceecees likes this.

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