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Doctored KS3 results WHISTLE BLOWING...What advice???

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by ninasimone, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. If you believe that doing this will be of benefit to you professionally then do it, although personally I wouldn't if I were in this situation.
    I think the only positive outcome is that you will feel satisfied and that you have had the last laugh, and that feeling won't last long.
    As others have said, this type of thing (unfortunately) goes on all the time and proving it won't be easy.
    I felt bitter about the way a HT in one of my previous schools treated me, she had a little clique including my HOD and if your face didn't fit they would bully you out, which they did with me as an NQT. Other trainee teachers also commented on this too. I was going to take it to LEA level as a complaint but I feel now my revenge is that I am so much happier out of there
    I felt that I would have done myself more harm than good if I'd have complained, and I get the feeling the same may be true in your situation. Try to move on from it, it feels good when you get over it.
  2. ...well actually I do, but whats the point speaking out at the time????....it would have caused me a whole load of mither
    ...Some times its easier to rise above such outright cheating by not getting back the school and taking the moral high ground...but no one in society (whether it be politicians or school leaders) seems to be taking any repsonsibility for their actions and certainly no one seems to be setting the right examples for people to follow....when you remove this from the arguement of whistleblowing, then vindictiveness is all you have left..!!!!!
  3. ...seems like sound advice....since leaving the school its not bothered me that much but niggling doubts linger whether I should go ahead and to hell with consequences

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