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Do you tweet for school?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by sideshow, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. There are a few, Rachel De Souza for the Victory Oak Academy, my HT does, but only a few people follow him! You can set up a section on the school website to show your tweets. Do get involved on twitter, it is relatively nice. Find @TESConnect and she will probably point you in the right direction.
  2. Our school has an account and all the staff use it to tweet information to parets, news about learning and so on. Really glad that we use it... we promote it through our montly newsletter and more and more parents are getting used to looking at it for up to date info and news about any changes, school closures etc
  3. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

  4. Thanks ever so much, I will have a look, Sideshow. Flyguy - I hadn't thought about everyone using it - what about "typos"??
    Lardylegs - pardon?
  5. mickeyforpresident

    mickeyforpresident New commenter

    Is twitter not the same as facebook in that you need to be 13 to have an account? Wouldn't it be therefore inappropriate for primary?
  6. Loads and loads of primary teachers are encouraging their classes to tweet. No comment on the appropriateness of this.
  7. I was thinking of it as a PR tool rather than for the kids to use, Mickey. I honestly don't know much about it, just thinking of adding it to our school repertoire!
  8. We starts using it a couple of months ago and it works really well - follow us: Blackhorsepri - although we only have 45 followers at present. Our reception class has its own as well which, again, is getting ever more popular with parents. I use it if a child brings me some work that they're proud of: taking a quick photo of the work on my phone and two clicks later every follower has it on their phone too - great for creating a sense of audience. We're increasingly starting to get parents respond to the postings - which the children really enjoy. It also automatically feeds to the school website.
  9. My school has a Twitter account and it automatically posts Tweets to the school website. It is really good for communicating to parents. Parents can choose to subscribe to receive the Tweets as text messages - for free!
  10. Only your own tweets go to the website, you can "re-tweet" their comments (or anyone elses) if you think it is appropriate.
  11. THat would be my worry, Mickey, and I am not au fait enough with Twitter to really understand I think I need to get onto the areas suggested and start following them to get a feel for what happens. It would be a bit of a *** if noone followed it though! I would have to get all my friends onto it, that would be at least four, including friends at work!!
    This is really helpful thank you very much!
  12. mickeyforpresident

    mickeyforpresident New commenter

    So, what kind of things are you guys tweeting?
  13. Is anyone willing to give very simple instructions of how to get started for the technology shy? Do you need school phones to use it or special cameras for pupils?
  14. You can sign up by going to www.twitter.com and update posts via a PC. However, myself and the other staff who use the school twitter account tend to do so via the free smart phone app on our own phones (available from Apple app store or Android Marketplace) - simply because of its ease of use. Once installed onto your phone you can either create an account using the App or connect it to an existing account by putting in the username and password. Once set up it's no more complicated than typing a text. My children love bringing work to show me as I can open twitter on my phone, take a picture on my phone's camera and immediately post it to twitter - which their parents instantly see once they 'follow' the school and can comment on. It's a simple way to provide a meaningful audience. You can follow us by searching for @blackhorsepri .
  15. Thats a really nice idea.
  16. What did you decide to do gorgy?
  17. Thanks for all your interest and suggestions. I have gone with basically doing one a day but it is a bit of a struggle to think of something! For reasons above I am not allowing everyone to have access to it, but some comments have been retweeted - how savvy do I sound??!!
    I do hope it will grow but it is a bit of a pain having to think of something to say every day!!
    I am using it to advertise assembly themes (with my SMSCD hat on!!) and hope to develop it further as time goes on. I have had to ban it in school following an Ishoo, and so have to remember to check it once I get home!!


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