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Do you think they will cut the CSSD PGCE Media Studies course?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by hioannidis, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">I&rsquo;m so worried, I know the Tories are opposed to Media Studies but I&rsquo;ve been lucky enough to get an offer and I don't want to lose it due to their poor decision making!</font>
  2. They don't hate it anymore than dance, drama, or art. The tories hate all creativity equally. Facts not skills.
  3. The CSSD PGCE? When was that cut? I have a place on it for 2011 but now you got me worried I may not!!
  4. Km you have a conditional offer or an unconditional offer?
  5. says conditional but then they said they all were as it depends on you passing your health and background checks etc. Think I'm safe?
  6. Also where/how did you hear about this cut?
  7. Yeh I was the same. Early November. I think we were the 1st group to go in for the interviews. Can't remeber my date but got my conditional offer through gttr dated 9th Nov and sent all my forms back etc too.

    Called them today also and they said decisions were being made and that maybe have an answer in a day or so and they'd let all students know.

    Might have been there on the same day as you I think.

    Guess we just got to wait and see now like....man this is pretty bad.
  8. 3rd november, it was same day as another poster on here Eloise....
  9. Yeah I was there that day at the afternoon session. Lets hope we both get on to the course! Good Luck to you.
  10. yeh afternoon session me too.

    Good luck to you too, guess we'll find out in a few days

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