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Do you read every job application ?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by ff392, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    I think the haven't heard by such and such a date is fine - you know where you stand. I used to keep a list of jobs I'd applied for and once it had got to two weeks after the closing date I'd mark them as unsuccessful.
    Re: hardworking and unemployed - jobsearching is very hard work and morale sapping. Also, you don't get paid for it! I count myself as very privileged to have a job.
  2. In reply to R13 - hardworking on supply and looking for a job but not with a permanent post. No need for sarcasm!
  3. When I was applying for jobs, I was only setting 2 (working) days after the closing date if it is a Friday. 1 day if the closing date is Wednesday. 3/4 days if the closing date is on a Monday/Tuesday. It is just about being realistic. Sometime interviews do get offered later than a week, but if why wait when there are jobs out there to be applied to.
  4. getting your name wrong,Why, are you that inportant?
  5. "And" ... the one that starts four paragraphs in a row with "And" ... "Pot/Black" .. :)
  6. In response to the OP
    Yes, I read every application form.
    When looking at application forms I consider several factors.
    Firstly I never do the shortlistiong procedure alone. I ask at least two other governors to through them with me. (I should state we never get more than 20 applicants)
    When shortlisting we look for (in no particular order) :
    <ol>[*]The applicants answers to the person specifications[*]Their letter of support for additional information[*]Their educational history - degree, GSCES, A levels etc[*]safeguarding issues - gaps in the CV, convictions etc</ol>We will also pay attention to presentation / spelling / grammar - after all this is job as an educator and I tend to agree with those who say that a candidate applying for a post should proof read carefully the application form and letter of support.
    We may consider more favourably those who visited - but we may not depending upon the feedback given by whoever showed them around and the overall quality of applicants.
    We try to shortlist to at least four and in all cases I ask the school secretary to write out a polite "Sorry but..." letter to those not shortlisted. We then identify reasons why the applicant has been unsuccessful in being shortlisted in case they ask for advice - which has happened on a couple of occasions.

    Those who are shortlisted are invited to interview and references are called in, but thats a whole other issue!
  7. How arrogant of you. "To quickly discard" is a horrible split infinitive...
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  8. I'm sure the applicants mistakes are all very amusing but I can't tell you the number of mistakes I've come across from the schools. For example a closing date of Monday 18th June on an advert for a school I've just applied for, schools using an old letter format with the name of the Head on long term leave, not the person appointing and a mistake of 'temporary for one year' instead of 'temporary for one term' nice waste of time that was.
    The problem with visits to the school is getting time off in your current post. My Head is very accommodating but 11 school visits is probably pushing the supply budget a bit. Also, I have had many interviews after not visiting so I am starting to think it a bit of a waste of time.
    Applicants are not the only time wasters. Last week I was told I didn't get the job because they wanted a piano player which wasn't even on the person spec as a desirable, let alone an essential! On other occasions feedback has suggested they wanted someone with more expreience. Well then don't encourage NQTs to apply on your advert!
    All these applications and then interviews if you're lucky and then rejections on top of trying to stay on top of your current job and everything else life throws at you. Forgive the odd spelling mistake and the odd missed school visit and please give feedback that is useful. 'We preferred the other candidate' is sometimes better the ridiculous excuses that I have received in the past.
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  9. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    One of the best teachers we ever had applied with only a CV and covering letter, saying that there's no point wastig time filling out long forms, when most industries have generic forms. One of the most popular teachers applied just with a letter on a page torn from an exercise book.
    SPG perfect for both though.
    Ad neither, as far as I know, boasted about being donors...

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