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Do you read every job application ?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by ff392, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    In all fairnes, and not to lower your comment summertimedreams.......many schools do not send out specific forms for their schools.Most schools use standard LEA forms.I assume therefore, that because they havent done their homework the applicant assumed the LEA one would be suitable.
    In fact i have applied for schools in the past. Often they havent even sent a person spec.....just a job one......and some not even a application form of even a summary of the school.Some send you OFSTED comments, some have great embelishments of the wonderfulness of their school.
    Often they dont send you which year they are looking for,which specific skills or even resonsibilties.Just a generalised comment!
  2. Oh, I completely understand that. However, when a full application pack is sent that includes the application form, the job decription and the personal spec., it is in the best interest of the applicant to use what has been sent.

  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    yes i totally agree......but such is human life that only the smart ones manage to get it correct lol

  4. I'm in the same boat too.
    Tons of experience, dedicated to my work and given outstanding for lesson obs. but I can't get an interview until I get back. I've slaved over lots of application forms, checked my spelling and grammar, rewritten the forms a thousand times to get my handwriting just a bit neater (on the handwritten forms).....then nothing.
    Back in 6 weeks and praying they'll be some jobs left.
  5. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    The worst thing I have seen on an application is when an applicant had photocopied the advert from the TES over her letter of application, obscuring what she had written. A silly mistake I suppose but we rejected her fairly quickly because of it.
  6. Are you seriously telling me that someone won't get shortlisted because they have a 2:2 or a criminal conviction, no matter how trivial? All this coming from a Principal who can't spell discarded! How did you get your position? Incidentally I have a 1:1 and a 20 year old driving conviction.
  7. 100+! really? I knew it was about 40 and sometimes 80, but the trend is not looking good for teachers like me still looking for my first post. Whilst I am sure this is good for children - presumably they end up with the very best candidates, it's not good for us teachers looking for our first post. There just doesn't seem to be enough jobs to go round - they are all filled.
    Having said that, why is it that, when I go into schools as a supply teacher, there are children who believe that AD means 'after death' instead of anno domini = the 'year of our Lord' in Latin; year 6 children believe that 'am' and 'pm' mean 'after midnight' and 'past midday' and don't know what 'meridien' means and year 5 children believe that when the pupil of an eye 'dilates' it is getting smaller! - all because 'our teacher told us?' Why have these teachers got jobs and I haven't?
    Oh and on the subject of grammar, why do some teachers say 'you was' instead of 'you were?'
    Am I being precious, has it changed or does it not matter anymore?
  8. I try to read as many as possible - you never know when you may overlook an interesting application due to 'supporting statement fatigue'.
    I did have one written entirely in purple felt-tipped pen once, though. It certainly attracted my attention.
  9. This is an interesting thread. I've recently been looking for a job and finally got one last week.
    I always like to visit the school as I think it's really important to get a 'feel' for the school and see if I'll fit in. I know this doesn't always work though as I thought my previous school was lovely after I'd visited but eventually realised what it was really like after I'd worked there for a while!! However, I would still encourage others to visit before applying.
    I recently applied for a job where the advert said that visits were 'welcome'. I phoned the school and asked when I could arrange a visit, I was unable to attend any of the pre-arranged dates but was told this wasn't essential as the head understood that this wasn't always possible and wouldn't be shortlisting based on whether people had visited. And yes I did get an interview!
    If an advert doesn't explicitly say that visits are welcome I worry about what the school is trying to hide. I understand that some schools don't offer visits because of the logistics so I think it's important to invite the shortlisted candidates for an informal visit pre-interview and to state this in the original advert.
    I find it a bit strange that people on here are complaining when others have said they would reject applications with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. That just shows that the applicant wasn't taking enough care over the application. I spend hours on each application making sure they're perfect. If the applicant can't spend time on checking it through thoroughly then why should a head teacher or governors spend their time reading through it carefully. I can totally understand this being used as a method for thinning out the applications especially if you've recieved over 30 applications.
  10. Twinkle et al.

    I am appalled by your comments, in an era where were are supposed to be celebrating learners as individuals with different learning styles and ways in which they manifest their "intelligence", surely a measure of someone's abilities as a teacher should be treated on the same grounds. Yes if they are teaching English Language I agree, but for most other subjects I feel that it should be the content of the letter or personal statement and not spelling or grammar which lead to shortlisting. I speak as a dyslexic PGCE student with a 2:1 in Geography from Cambridge University, currently predicted Grade 1 for my final assessment as a teacher, I check my application forms numerous times, but the way my brain processes words means I often read what I thought I had written. I have struggled against prejudice such as yours all my academic career and I am committed to improving the lot of future students. I certainly would not want to work for a school with such archaic principles.

    Sorry for the rant but I am hugely disappointed.
  11. At last someone speaking some sense.

    Hear hear!
  12. Mary

    I think your attitude as a teacher is very disappointing, what happened to celebrating different learning styles??

    Where is it written that good spelling is a measure of intelligence, or ability as a teacher???
  13. Surely if you were dyslexic then you would ask a friend to check through your personal statement and application. That just makes sense!
    I would never dream of sending an application with spelling mistakes as nobody can say that it makes a good impression, whether intentional or not.
  14. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    The teacher I was refering to is not someone who is **** just because she cant spell or add up, as the exgovernor of the school I also know she is going through capability for many other reasons. I wasnt suggesting that teachers who cant spell are **** teachers. None the less a teacher who cant spell will be judged as such by other parents and the children. I havent a problem with dyslexia as there are coping strategies a teacher can use and systems that can be put into place. My child's best teacher was dyslexic. However, I would expect a candidate to declare it. I still say with spell checker etc and someone proof reading for you, that there is no reason for mistakes in applications. Sometimes a small mistake goes unnoticed by heads but if there are 2 or more mistakes or common spellings that kids get wrong then they have every right to be concerned. I once shortlisted for a heads job. One head had wordprocessed her letter then tippexed out a mistake, overwriting it in biro! Now why wouldnt you correct it on the computer and print out a new copy? I felt this may suggest the candidate was disorganised, careless, not striving to be the best etc. She was shortlisted as her supporting statement was good and we werent exactly over flowing with applicants. However when she attended interview all my concerns about the letter were born out.
  15. "Heads are" is correct not "head's are" and "someone" is one word. Sorry, I was an English teacher for too long. But, hey, you should hire me!
  16. As a teaching student in Scotland, I will have to apply this year for every available teaching post that comes up. I would be unlikely to get a job at all if I only applied for the three or so that I would particularly like or that I think would be the "best fit" and I honestly cannot understand who in this job climate has the luxury of a) travelling up and down the country to visit every school they are applying to (I don't have extra money even to go to a film, let alone buy bus or heaven forbid train tickets) and b) THEN actually deciding that a school doesn't fit them quite right and not applying after having spent that money on travel and accommodation. Honestly this is a different world than the one I currently inhabit, and I think the experience of many teachers in Scotland must be the same. It is depressing, although not surprising to me, to see how little some headteachers are connected to the world of their employees. Clearly this doesn't apply to every headteacher but wow.
  17. So when someone spends all the time and effort to find out details of your school and thinks everything through to the point of making an application; you don't even bother to read it?

    You do not deserve to accidentally fall into a senior management position. In 26 years of teaching, I have spent three years working for good headteachers.
  18. Or perhaps some of you take one look at the date of birth entered and bin it!
  19. I'm a PGCE student and have recently been successful in getting a job. However, I'm convinced this was more luck than judgement and just wanted to ask for some clarification on a couple of things...
    Iwas advised by university tutors and friends who are teachers to make sure at least to contact the school in some way before the application was sent off. As regards visiting the school, I was aware that, as with many places, the time frame allowed before application was short. In my experience applications which arrive at least a few days before the deadline seem to be better received (am I right?) and having just arrived in my placement school I did not want to take a day off at very short notice, since their reference will affect me in all my applications. I therefore didn't visit the school. As it turned out, our interview day included a complete tour, chat to pupils etc and the opportunity to then leave before the interview had we not liked what we had seen - I'm not sure what I could have achieved by visiting beforehand as well?
    The option of phoning the school for 'further information' also seems, in many cases, flawed. I was instructed by friends to do this without fail as schools 'don't shortlist' you unless you do. However, the application pack I received was very thorough, and the school's website equally comprehensive, and frankly I couldn't think of an intelligent question to ask them which was not answered already by the information they had provided. I would surely have looked like I had not fully researched the position if I had rung up to ask something which the website could have told me; and there doesn't seem to be any sense in making up a random question simply for the sake of ringing the school. Surely if the school have made an effort to put all the information at my disposal, I should take this as an indication that they want to avoid being rung by 40 candidates to find out what exam board they use for GCSE (information which was, of course, on the website) ?
    Any helpful responses much appreciated - I can't count on being quite so lucky with applications next time!


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