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Do you need the whole Governing Body to appoint a new Head?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by ajnorman, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. The whole governing body should appoint a panel to run the appointment process - the panel will then draw up the job specification, plan the advertising, shortlist, interview, and make the decision as to who to appoint. The full governing body then needs to ratify the panel's decision. I've known cases where the job spec and advertising have been decided by the FGB rather than the panel, but once it gets to the stage of considering individual candidates (i.e. from shortlisting onwards) it's purely down to the panel. I don't think there's any legal reason why staff governors shouldn't be part of the panel, but in my experience they usually don't want to be. What worked very well on one occasion was to have the candidates give a presentation and answer questions in front of a selection of school staff (about half a dozen, from all roles - teachers, cooks, care workers, etc) who then fed back to the panel. Same sort of thing that happens with pupils in some schools, though for various reasons that wouldn't work well in either of mine.
  2. We used exactly the same process in our school, including each candidate giving a presentation to the school council, and one to parents groups, who then fed back to the panel. The process worked very well with the result that everyone has ownership to a degree in the decision to appoint.

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