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Do you need BTEC Media resources?

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by KarrieL, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I haven't been ignoring you all I promise.

    I have been doing my GTP in a school that doesn't teach BTEC so I haven't had the time to write anything.

    My new Job starts in September and I am teaching BTEC.

    I will let you know what is happening with resources and where you can get them as soon as I have it all organised.

    Thanks for your interest.

    A very worn out Karrie

    ps. 6 weeks to go till final assessment. yay!
  2. I'd be very grateful for any resources on offer, we start the BTEC in september and I have no idea where to start with it.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. KarrieL
    Just read your post. Glad to hear your gtp is going well. Good to hear you are nearly there as not everyone makes it. Well done. Stay cheerful and positive.
  4. yes please!!! I have been arguing to teach the BTEC and would love any! ALL!!!! resources avaliable.


    thank you.
  5. As an ex BBC Producer I have come across this situation often when going to teach sessions or VL. I specialise in audio and radio broadcast applications and have some resources that I have created for the purpose of training BTEC modules. I must be one of those rare practitioners who enjoys being in the classroom - let me know how best to help, KArriel - happy to.

    Ms T
  6. Hi Ms T... a fellow ex-BBC Producer here. I went on maternity leave last year and decided not to go back so have started freelancing and lecturing p/t. I was meant to be teaching AS and A2 Media but it's just been changed to BTEC National Media Production (Radio) this morning. My back ground is television and mainly post-production and though there are cross-overs, I would really appreciate some help with the Radio Resources please??! sitting here tonight feeling a bit lost as I try to tackle a SOW with no experience in teaching BTECs... Aaargh!
  7. Temperance

    Temperance New commenter

    Please. I'm teaching Media for the first time this year...
    Thank you


  8. That would be amazing! sjbellingham@hotmail.com
  9. I'm researching how BTEC Media could be delivered in my school as we currently send kids to another school. I teach GCSE and A Level with a lot of Practical stuff but cant gte my head around the BTEC. I'd love to see any resources so I can think about what I can produce for myself and any advice gladly accepted!!!

  10. That would be fantastic! (lesson plans)
  11. This all sounds great, anything would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in anticipation. My email address is as follows:

  12. Anyone want to send me some BTEC (or GCSE for that matter) Media resources? I will be eternally grateful.



    Oh and any GCSE film studies stuff would be received with equal glee.
  13. Help!! I have been given a BTEC Media class starting in September. I have never taught the course before and have no idea where to start. Any resources or info. would be a big help.
    Thanks in advance!
  14. Just seen you posting and I would be very interested in 'anything that helps' deliver BTEC Media.
  15. Hello KarrieL,
    Did you put together any resource books, Sow, teaching notes etc? If you did and they are still available I would be very interested. I will be teaching BTEC Media for the first time this September (2009).
    Thanks Windows

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