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Do you need a medical to teach on Working Holiday Visa?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by johnny1982, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. I've done a search here for this but seem to get conflicting info.

    I am completing my Working Holiday Visa application form and I'm wondering if I'll need to do the medical. It states that if you intend to work with children then you could be required to do a medical before visa and asks:

    1)Do you intend to be in a classroom situation for more than 3 months (eg. as either a student, teacher, lecturer, or observer)?
    2)Do you intend to work, or be a trainee, at a child care centre (including preschools and creches) while in Australia?

    I am a primary school teacher and think I may do substitute teaching while there. I have been told people answered that they did not intend to work with children on the application forms but decided to do so in Australia and everything was ok (they got a medical in Australia or did not need one) so may do this if a medical is going to slow down the whole process. Anyone got supply teaching on a WHV without this medical?

    I am wondering, if I do need a medical, how long this takes to get processed and how much it generally costs.

  2. Thanks 1885. Do you know if I'd have to do the medical if I replied 'yes' to those questions asked? Want to be honest on the form but afraid this'll just cause extra hassle and expense when I could get away by lying and answering 'no' and then just teaching over there without medical.
  3. lorri_r82

    lorri_r82 New commenter

    As I understand it you SHOULD declare if you are intending on working in a school etc However, I know plenty of people who didn't declare this and were still able to teach in schools (it's not like they check you had the medical to register with the states education department). They are entitled to not allow you into the country if they do find out/suspect that you have not declared the proper purpose for your visit on your visa. I have not heard of any teacher friends that were turned back for not having the medical and wanting to teach. If you want to do things by the book it is really simple anyway. They give you a list of a few hospitals where they will accept the xrays from and private doctors they allow to do the medical. It was at least the cost of the visa again to do this.

    Really depends on how you want to proceed.
  4. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I ticked yes and didn't have a medical (however I've also not got work in education either!) [​IMG] x
  5. 1885

    1885 New commenter

    I taught in Victoria on a WHV and at no times was a medical mentioned or questioned, I wouldn't worry about it to be honest. This was 2 years ago so things may have changed however.
  6. That's cool, thanks. Still not sure if I'll be teaching during my time there anyway as I'm likely to be travelling a lot. May just say I won't be as I'm not sure yet. Just good to know that no medical doesn't screw my chances of teaching if I decide to do it.

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