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Do you know...?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by poppygirl37, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Hi thanks for replying.
    We were turned down for a mixture of things:
    I had a promotion at work and the social worker felt I wouldn't have time to take care of a child even though I had already asked my Chair for a year off work and this had been agreed.
    we were thinking of adopting an older child (4-7yrs) , not a baby and the social worker found this strange.
    It was written in the report that we had not provided enough detail about our childhoods but we had answered all the questions from the social worker who never said we hadn't given enough information.
    It is all very upsetting and confusing for us as we thought we were doing well. The mid review came out of the blue because of these concerns the ss had but did not share with us.
    we started the process in Feb 2008 and it ended this way in Jan 2009.
    We have approached other agencies since but this initial report hampers any progress.
    we are not bad people. I feel such a failure that im not good enough to adopt. I was just wondering if there was a way we could start again.
    If you have any advice, i'd be really grateful.
    Thank you
  2. This is quite a long thread about adoption - I haven't read it, so I have no idea whether it would be helpful to you, sorry. I just remember it being on page 1 for a long time!

  3. oops
  4. essentiallyprincess

    essentiallyprincess New commenter

    I don't KNOW but I have heard all these things (how true not sure...)

    You can go to a different local authority. I 'heard' that one local authority does not allow mixed race adoptions but another does. In the case I was told about white parents couldn't adopt a black child in one authority but could in another.

    I have 'heard' that if you go through a different agencies they have different rules i.e. Catholic adoption agency.

    Personally I am not sure if I believe either...isn't there general rules for everyone?

    I hope you are successful. Have you thought about fostering first? How about long term...although that defeats the objects of a year off.

    Best of luck anyway!

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