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Do you know any great books for 'Ourselves topic' for Nursery?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by scorpio12, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. scorpio12

    scorpio12 New commenter


    We are having a broad 'Ourselves' topic for first half term in Nursery (obviously linking in with children's interests too)

    As well as daily stories I wanted to have a few 'key' books, linked to topic - e.g. family/relationships/the body that I can use to inspire activities.

    I have seen some lists online for the topic but it would be good to have some personal recommendations.

    Do you know any good ones that fit the bill? Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Scorpio 12 these are the book I will be using this time I have changed the titles alittle to suit my cohort but I enjoy reading these stories so hopefully the children will enjoy hearing them

    So Much

    My Body


    What can you see?

    Owl babies


    Handa’s surprise

    Grannies and Grandads

    Starting school

    My school peg
    I also just brought My grandad is amazing and My grandma is wondeful by Nick Butterworth to add in if the children want to learn about grandparents
    Hope this gives you somewhere to start from, as the stories are the way I plan my literacy and any other actvities come from the story or children's interests
    Littlestones [​IMG]
  3. suffolksmiler

    suffolksmiler New commenter


    My Two Grannies [Paperback]
    Floella Benjamin (Author), Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)


    My Two Grandads [Hardcover]
    Floella Benjamin (Author), Margaret Chamberlain (Illustrator)


    Full, Full, Full of Love [Paperback]
    Trish Cooke (Author), Paul Howard (Illustrator)

    Must be others I have used but can not remember of the top of my head, as books are at school.
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Marvellous Me
    What I like about me
    Making faces
    My mum and dad make me laugh
  5. scorpio12

    scorpio12 New commenter

    Thanks so much you are all stars. Having to resist temptation to have an amazon splurge!
  6. suffolksmiler

    suffolksmiler New commenter

    Try your local library. They can reserve books for you, so may search through them on the shelves, to find the ones you want.
  7. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Your LEA may have a library service for schools where you can borrow books
  8. I have taught the ourselves topic for several years now and have collected and developed some resources:
  9. Hi cannot seem to access the site

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