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Do you have your own labcoat?

Discussion in 'Science' started by Henry401, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Our school doesn't require students to have their own labcoats as there are some stored in each classroom. I've always just grabbed one of these, and as a chemistry teacher I use one most lessons. The size isn't an issue as there are some designed to fit post 16.

    However, I sometimes find that I've quickly shoved on a labcoat with a rather humorous part of the male anatomy drawn on the back or with coloured in nipples etc.

    I've recently realised that most of the other staff have their own labcoats (think its time i invested in one too). The only lab coat i own is a personalised one from uni which isn't appropriate for school as we all signed each others labcoats during our last lab session in the 4th year - mine probably has some inappropriate references to the good old uni days which are probably ruder than the things on the school labcoats!

    I'm not too fussed about getting a personalised one but i was wondering if any of you have your own labcoat and where you got it from? A quick google search has revealed some possible leads but I was wondering if you are aware of any good ones.

  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I have my own postcode!
  3. The school should provide you with one, just as they provide you with safety glasses (presumably the same ones the students use). Especially if a) the school has them for the students and b) other staff have them. Where did the other staff get them? Ask the Technicians to order you one next time they put in an order to the company - or do a special order for you. We all have one or two that we keep in the prep room and put it on when we do practs. I must admit in my last school only the technicians wore them. We didn't and neither did the students. In this school we all wear them (except one of the teachers who doesn't like wearing them).
  4. I still have my own labcoat from final year of uni that I use. Unfortunately the chain of shops I've got it from has since gone into administration. In the end I'd go for any labcoat as log as it did the job and protected my suit lol
  5. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    They should stock them in your local school uniform shop, thats where i got mine :)
  6. maggie m

    maggie m Established commenter

    The school I work in has provided one for every science teacher, we also have safety glasses which are a good deal better (don't scratch easily) than the goggles provided for the students
  7. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

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