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do you have a literacy policy in your school?

Discussion in 'English' started by sunshine1823, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    What has happened to literacy?? Is it still called 'literacy'? Do you have an active policy in your school? What do you actually do about literacy in your school? We used to have a school literacy co-ordinator but that has gone - do you have one??
    So many questions!!

    and PS I know before I post this that there won't be paragraphs - apologies but for some reason what I write in the compose box doesn't look anything like what is posted.
  2. Ah! You're new and need to learn the arcane and dark art of a little html coding to get your paragraphs in. Less than sign, lowercase p and greater than sign with no spaces between puts in a paragraph break. Now to the subject of your post: Literacy has just raised its head again - via the lovelies at OFSTED - and I am trying to get the head to see it as Communication because if you just say 'literacy', some **** in art will tell you they don't do much writing, and PE will make similar protestations. Call it 'Communication' and flag up the Functional Skills for it (Speaking, Listening and Communication it's called in FS-land) and they have to get on board. We are fighting to have a co-ordinator appointed but have budgetary issues at the moment, yes we have an old policy that needs updating and that is something the new co-ordinator will do - if we get one. Hope that answers some of your points.

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