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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ninasimone, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ...some interesting points made about how we have got ourselves in this situation and I agree that there are many underlying issues that have caused the current plight.
    ...the political and economic points really do not underscore the real issues supply face at grass roots level. I mean kids still need teaching and numbers on roll in most schools appear to be increasing too. The financial mess the country is in is not going to be solved by cutting key services, including educational budgets. The insidious nature at which schools have usurped teachers with CS - all in the name of cost cutting - has meant kids are getting a raw deal.
    ...dont get me wrong, to choose supply over contracted work is a personal choice and I for one has enjoyed a good period of supply, on good pay and without the hassle of being a "real" teacher. That said, when the idiots who decide CS is a financial utopia to overcome budget restraints are living on a different planet...its the kids that are being maligned by such short sightedness.
    ...anyway, despite my initial rant, I should be better off if and when I hit the AWR threshold - thats assuming I dont get the heave ho when 12 weeks are up
  2. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    This is my third year of supply and it has absolutely been the best decision I have made job wise.
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Going back to the original "How many of you level headed, sensible, accomodating, organised, willing folk are building up a HATRED for supply teaching?".
    Well, last couple of years, I was beginning to hate supply, constantly having to be ready, in case the phone should ring, never knowing what was at the end of the journey, but more often than not phone wouldn't ring and I found it increasingly harder to motivate myself.
    Then I did several longer term posts for sick colleagues and remembered what I love about teaching- the children!
    But since re-organisation I haven't even had a single phone call and regularly get my 0.00 hours 0.00 pay slip at the end of each month.
    I've seen the 'writing on the wall' re <u>no supply</u> coming for a while. I even know of 2 schools who have members of staff off long term, yet have heard no contact. I suspect 'alternative arrangements' have been found.
    So I almost wish I had some supply to hate doing.
  4. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    I don't hate supply teaching. Not at all. It's not easy and certainly not cushdy when you are on a long term gig. But when I am doing it, I really enjoy it.
    However, I do despise the fact that a significant proportion of us have been effectively left on the scrap heap because of CS and HTs that don't stick to the regulations about long-term cover. I can name at least three schools where classes have had either a CS or a HLTA doing the job of a qualified teacher for at least one full term.
    Agencies do my head in as well, but that's another story. :sigh:
  5. ...hindsight being a wonderful, I may have possibly phrased the title of this post incorrectly
    ...like me, I dont HATE supply, I mean I do it out of choice, and as a rule I have enjoyed most schools I have been in.
    ...no, what I HATE are the *** associated with supply, namely, the agencies/schools who to paraphrase what you said...'dont stick to regulations'.
    ...this rant at hating supply is primarily based upon the negative experiences most supply have with agencies, even ones which you get on with.
    ...the unprofessional attitudes of some of them DOES make you hate supply and the manner in which schools use unqualified staff...DONT CARE HOW GOOD THEY THINK THEY ARE...they are still UNQUALIFIED...makes the job of supply virtually impossible at the moment.
    ...I do wonder why I went through the exams, training and NQT process???
  6. My answer would be - no, I don't hate supply but there are lots of things about supply that I do hate. Having two relatively young children and an OH who does absolutely nothing round the house (even when I'm working full-time) I quite like the part-time nature of supply - it means I can cook, clean, shop etc not to mention make fancy dress costumes for the next book day and prepare for my 8 year old's birthday party!
    But there are lots of things I hate about supply: 1) That nervous, tight feeling I get in my stomach from about 7.00 am to about 9.30, and the way my heart starts pounding if the phone does ring!
    2) I need long-term work to get experience, references, induction, but I hate the fact that if I get any long-term it will probably be at half a day's notice so I will then be thrown into full-scale planning and marking with no time to prepare or plan ahead.
    3) The way the agencies are constantly suggesting that there might be something long-term coming up, so I put off making doctor's/dentist/haircut appointments and prepare to be working, only for nothing to come of it. I hate being in 'limbo' not being able to plan my life and never knowing what's going to be happening the next day.
    4) Saying yes to going to a really horrible school because I need the work, and driving there with that sinking feeling when you know you're going to have a foul day!
  7. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    aa88 So relate to points in your post;the waiting for the phone to ring nerves, being in limbo never being able to make plans and having to take whatever work because it IS work, which are all the downsides of supply.

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