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Do you go out without your husband/wife?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kibosh, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    I was thinking the same and wondered if there might be a little bit more to this story.
  2. Frequently out and aboot without Mr Yap - we'd be bored rigid at much of each others stuff - a lot of the time we're bored rigid at our own!
    The wedding thing interested me though - I wonder if I was a *** - I didn't invite anyone I couldn't name (was/am tres poor!)
  3. No, the inviter isn't particularly a wind up merchant. None of us expected our partners to be invited. They certainly haven't been when we've had other departmental dos.
    I now wonder if therewas more to his monumental strop. I can't help thinking that he's been told he isn't allowed to go.
  4. My ex used to hate it when I went out to work things on my own and couldnt understand why no one took their partner. I think you need a break from someone you are with all the time.
    In this situation unless his wife particularly knows the people well why should she expect to be invited? I hate it when people assume they and the whole family are invited along to things.
  5. I go out without my OH. We know each other's colleagues quite well now and sometimes combine our groups of work friends on nights out. We also often go out seperately. I do actually like to spend time with him at the weekend though, especially Saturdays in term time when the rest of the week I am stressed/ busy. I would say Saturdays are for family/ friend time and aren't really a suitable night for work dos - would rather they were on a Friday!!
  6. bnm


    Sometimes we attend each other's work dos and sometimes we don't. Don't recall anyone being specifically invited/uninvited, more a "sign up if you want to come" kind of thing.
    Separate to work dos yes we do regularly go out without each other. I belong to various ladies only groups and mr bnm likes a drink down the pub which would bore me rigid. We each do our own thing but would prioritise something we had planned to do together over other invites.
  7. No longer have a partner but the rule has always been - work dos, we did not accompany one another (even when we could as always v boring for the partner).
    Invites from people we knew that the other did not know - no invite for "partner" expected.
    Other times we did stuff together.
  8. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    We don't do work events together.
    I don't go to sporting events.
    He doesn't come to girlie evenings.
    Other than that - yes we do things together.
  9. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    I rarely go out WITH my OH, we have some mutual friends but generally we go out with our own friends - why would he want to be surrounded by teachers and likewise!

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