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Do you get students from tutor agencies

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by lugubregondola, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I just use Facebook to advertise. I started a business page and asked my friends and family to share it. Colleagues recommended me to friends who were seeking tutors, those people then recommended me on to others, and I picked up the rest of my students via enquiries on Facebook.
  2. jensmile

    jensmile New commenter

    Just messaged you LimboBimbo
  3. ladyhawk

    ladyhawk New commenter

    First Tutors - have had no leads from them at all.
    Tutor Hunt - signed up with them in October. Have three lovely tutees that came through the site, am currently talking to another potential client through the site at the moment. Had a couple of strange people. One started asking inappropriate questions so contacted Tutor Hunt who were very helpful. The other had two lessons, said that she would pay through BACs but didn't so I stopped lessons. She then expressed surprise that I was expecting to be paid and demanded a copy of my Terms and Conditions so that we could continue. I haven't responded. I'm in South London.
  4. Ian1983

    Ian1983 Occasional commenter

    For you guys who use both agencies and self-advertising, do you find that you get a lot more problem clients (such as the one above) from the agencies? I've never used an agency but that's the impression I get from reading the threads on here.

    I'd send them together with the invoice. Assume you've already got T&C's drawn up, so the only time commitment on your part is 2-3 minutes to draw up the invoice.
  5. ale_alias

    ale_alias New commenter

    I have been tutoring for a couple of years now and I have worked with different agencies and/or privately without agencies in London.

    ladyhowk thanks for sharing your experience because I do not have my T&C clearly written down yet, and I know the time will come that some clients will ask me for a copy!

    I recommend getting in touch with many agencies to see if and how they can support you. Generally the advantage of having an agency is that they help with the admin side and, in my experience, agency students are more likely to keep on working with you. When there is no agency, students and parents can just terminate their contract with you with one text message!

    At times I have request for tutors coming to me from parents, so please contact me if you are in London and want to do some tuition.
  6. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    May I send you a PM - conversation please?

  7. Georginalouise

    Georginalouise New commenter

    I've been tutoring for ten years. GCSE and A level, so big kids. I've never used tutoring websites, but I do have a FB page and my own website. I usually have 20 to 25 students in the run-up to the summer exams. I've always offered an hour of my time, free of charge to potential new students. I've never seen this as 'being a charity'. Quite the opposite. I see this as my own 'get out of jail free' card. I meet the student and a parent, find out where they are and what they want to achieve, and tutor for about 30 minutes. If I think that either we will not meet expectations or that they will be a pain in the neck, I politely say "I'm not sure that I am the right tutor for you, perhaps you would like to try out with someone else first".
    tsarina likes this.
  8. tsarina

    tsarina Occasional commenter

    Always lots of interest through tutorhunt but rarely any follow through - parents aren't sure enough to pay the contact details fee. Especially as i don't like touting for business. I probably don't use enough butter.
  9. stupot101

    stupot101 Established commenter

    @ale_alias I have sent you a conversation (PM). I hope you don't mind


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