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Do you get students from tutor agencies

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by lugubregondola, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. lugubregondola

    lugubregondola New commenter

    I have been registered with two tutor agencies for 4 or 5 months now but so far i haven't had a single student. Ive had quite a few look at my profile and ive had two or three enquiries but noone has signed up for lessons. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
  2. cwilson1983

    cwilson1983 Occasional commenter

    Are you referring to online agencies?

    If so, from my experience of being signed up to three, traffic can be like waiting for buses (nothing for ages than three at once).

    UK Tutors: two clients in approximately 5 years of being registered
    First Tutors: one recent client although I'd been on there for a year with no leads
    Tutor hunt: regular interest and clients on here.
    Gumtree (paid ad): one client and several enquiries where the person had not read my advert fully and asked for services I didn't offer.

    Interest may depend on several factors: your experience, subject, age range taught, competition, level of profile exposure etc.
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  3. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Try tutordoctor
  4. lugubregondola

    lugubregondola New commenter

    Cwilson yes mean online agencies. I have been registered with TH and FT like you and have had lots look at my profile and about 3 enquiries but noone has signed up. You don't seem to have had much luck either. Whar do you do to get students then or are you teaching also at a school?
  5. LimboBimbo

    LimboBimbo New commenter

    I've just set up on my own, set up my own website- not sure if rules permit me to link so pm me if you need inspiration!

    I made a Facebook page and paid to have it promoted in my area and sent in an ad to our local paper. I'll be flyering and putting cards onto 6th form and supermarket notice boards.

    I now have too many students, having set this up in the summer hols after leaving teaching. So... If you're in the West Mids, there's a high demand!
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  6. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I have just let my website lapse. It brought me nothing. My facebook page brings me business, a fair amount to say that it costs me nothing. I have never paid to promote it. I share my posts on my own profile, ask friends to do the same now and then and also share on various buying and selling sites on facebook. I used to advertise on gumtree but they charge now. I have an ad from a few years ago on netmums or one of those childcare sites, that still brings in some work now and then
    I do get work from First tutors, UK tutors and tutor hunt but I have had the odd one that has been put off by the finder fee that they charge.
    I have a mix of adults and youngsters, I probably do about 20 a week although this varies as some of my adult learners are shift workers
  7. cwilson1983

    cwilson1983 Occasional commenter

    I do indeed work full time as a teacher. I'd love to do tuition more regularly and eventually go part time with the teaching. However, demand so far is not reliable to justify the drop in income going part time would mean. I currently have 3 students a week and had more enquiries but couldn't really take them all on. As I said, it's like waiting for buses.
  8. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    UK Tutors: Nothing since registration six years ago.
    First Tutors: Plenty of leads but very seldom in my subject or area, despite these being stated in my profile.
    Tutor hunt: A fair stream of alerts for people 'looking at my profile', which occasionally converts into a student to teach. Again, despite my profile saying what I teach and where I live, I get contacts from students miles away. This site is also prowled by 'sub contractors' running their own agencies, so beware. These can usually be spotted by a student ostensibly wanting tuition in too many subjects.
    Tutordoctor: Nothing since registration two years ago.
  9. doctoryes

    doctoryes Occasional commenter

    Similar to the above. The only on-line agency that I have received work from is Tutorhunt, but there are a lot of time -wasters on there who either disappear once they realise they have to pay for your details or even some who have paid who disappear after the trial lesson, probably because they have found another (cheaper) tutor.
    I do some regular work for a local agency too - they charge commission, but they do pre-screen clients so it's worth it.
  10. Apple101

    Apple101 Occasional commenter

    I used to but I'm not giving them my money anymore! I suppose it depends on your reach and how known you are in your community.
  11. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    As @doctoryes says, the parents of private students can be very fickle indeed; it goes with the territory, I am afraid. As always, price is the deciding factor and, as a look through some tutoring sites will show, some Uni students offer tuition at very low rates. Understandably, most parents are not in a position to choose sensibly between quality and cheapness.

    I started with a new student a few weeks ago, and everything seemed to be going well, with both the student and his parents. Then, I got a text saying 'it is not working out', and oft used euphemism for we have found someone cheaper.
  12. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I've had a number of students in the last thre years and so far have never lost one because their parents wanted a cheaper option. Actually for what I get per hour I think I do a very good job.

    However - according to something I read today the tutoring market is going to get even more competitive as many teachers quit to beecome tutors.
  13. tom_mccormick

    tom_mccormick New commenter

    The only 1 that's managed to find me any is tmtutors.com.
  14. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    What an amazing coincidence that the only one is one that has your initials in the website. well fancy that!
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  15. Ian1983

    Ian1983 Occasional commenter

    I found TMTutors to be totally useless. www.Ian1983Tutors.com were much better. I've had loads of work through them :D:D
  16. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    love it!
    Far better than just deleting it
  17. Jolly_Roger1

    Jolly_Roger1 Star commenter

    In my experience, parents who try to knock you down on price are best avoided, as they want to get away without paying you at all.. Some expect a free trial-lesson and eve a second one half-price. I am ashamed to say I fell for this once, but never again.
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  18. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I have never actually been asked for a free trial but if I was I would say no. My time is my time and it needs paying for, the same as anyone else's. I do a discount for two learning together as I plan different activities for two rather than one but that is as far as it goes
  19. thekizzaa

    thekizzaa New commenter

    I did once too. And agreed, never again!
  20. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    No - I wouldn't do that either - we're not charities.

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