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Do you get paid for attending training days ?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Yogs, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I have three unpaid training days before term starts. I do not have to attend and not all support staff will, however I know that should a redundancy situation occur those who attended will be looked upon favourably. Also, I have moved classes and the new classroom is nowhere near ready, so I feel that I should go in on all three days. Do any of you get paid for training days? Attending unpaid has never bothered me in the past, but given that my salary had been frozen for several years now, whilst the cost have living has risen significantly, I am starting to really wish I could be paid wages for these days. Especially as I generally work an extra few hours every week, unpaid, just so I can keep on top of all the jobs that need doing once the pupils have gone home.
    I know that this situation is not likely to change and that most support staff work longer than their salaried hours. (I know that there are many support staff who work more extra hours a week than me !) It seems to me that most schools are relying on free labour to some extent.
    I work at a fantastic school and the head does not pressure support staff to work extra. It is just a fact that lots of out of school activities and events rely on the goodwill and willingness of all staff to work unpaid.
  2. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    I've only worked parttime for1 year in 1 job (so far- hopefully something will turn up for Sept) and no I didn't get paid for training days or for the meeting I had to attend.
  3. Underachiever

    Underachiever New commenter

    I work in secondary and yes I get paid for training days and time off for meetings. I'm afraid if I didn't I simply wouldn't attend.
  4. glenn_xp

    glenn_xp New commenter

    They're called staff development days at my school. All staff that is except TA's .
    Last year TA's were invited to go in for an hour and hear the headteacher's welcome back speach unpaid. This year we didn't even get invited to that.
    Will start work at 8.50 on monday at the same time as the kids with no clue if there's been any changes, anything new or even what my timetable will be.

  5. tamtams

    tamtams New commenter

    Hi, all us Ta's attend training days, Head does request Ta's attend as we have various people in to give talks etc, Ta's just attend for their working hours so if a Ta only works mornings then she will just attend for morning session, if full time then she will attend the session all day. Head has no problem with Ta's going home and never puts pressure on them to stop, for those of us that work full time we just fill them in on what happend.
  6. I put in a claim for the hours, so do the other TAs at the school. I can't understand why anyone would work for free, it devalues your work. We don't have to attend all of them, the assistant heads let us know if we need to or not.
  7. I do not have to attend, management do not pressure support staff. However, if I don't go in I will miss out on valuable training and classroom preparation time. I hope that the time I give for free will not go unnoticed should I face redundancy, which is unfortunately a real possibilty in these times of austerity. That said, I would love to be able to claim payment as I usually attend all of the training days and the money would certainly be a help !
  8. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    TAs in our LEA are paid pro-rata to 39 weeks per year - as this includes 5 training days (pupils only attend for 190 days/38 weeks per year) all staff attend for any training days which fall within their normal working hours - obviously if it is on a day on which a TA doesn't work or if it goes past their normal hours then they cannot reasonably be expected to attend without recompense although I beleive part-time teachers are expected to attend a proportion of training sessions each year as part of their contract.
    I am always surprised by the number of TAs who say they don't get paid for training days - is your salary pro-rata to only 38 weeks? If so this will be having a knock-on effect to the number of days holiday pay you receive too - it may not be making a huge difference but it seems wrong to me! On the other hand, if you <u>are</u> paid pro-rata to 39 weeks then your heads are wrong in thinking you are not paid for training days so make the most of your extra days holiday!
  9. As far as I know I am paid for 38 weeks a year. I have friends, who work as TAs in nearby schools, who are given time off in lieu if they attend training days, or if they work beyond their hours on residential trips etc. At my school it is the norm to do the extra for free. I know I would never be in trouble for not doing the extra and that school is very good about time off for things such as medical appointments. I also know the high regard in which staff who go the extra mile are held !

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