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Do you fancy some free cake in return for a nice chat? Read on!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by asansr58, Apr 17, 2019.


Would you be interested in participating in this project?

  1. I am not sure, but I would like more information.

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  2. Yes, but I would like more information beforehand.

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  3. No, but I think I can pass on information/leaflets to my colleagues at school.

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  4. No, thank you.

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  1. asansr58

    asansr58 New commenter

    Hi guys!

    I am looking for participants for my research project. This is something I am very passionate about, and which will hopefully contribute towards better support for both TAs and some of the children experiencing complex difficulties in mainstream schools.

    Here is the deal! In return for a little bit of your time (about an hour) I offer two of my favourite things (or three): coffee (or tea), cake and a nice chat; I cannot offer you money for ethical reasons. I will interview 5 TAs in total (separately), but the time will vary depending on where the conversation goes. these will be semi-structured' interviews, although some questions will be planned before hand, the direction of the conversation pretty much depend on your experiences or concerns in the matter.

    To participate, you need to be working as a TA (or have worked recently) and to support (or have supported) a child presenting disruptive behaviour or mental health difficulties at a primary mainstream school within the North West of England (preferably around Greater Manchester, as it would make it easier to meet); I am looking TAs working with those children without another diagnosis such as ADHD or ASD. It would be even better if the child or children you support have a recognised need in the 'Social, Emotional and Mental Health' area of need, but we can talk about that. (Easy to say....)

    The place where we will meat can totally be discussed. My only requirement is that it is quiet enough for me to be able to record the conversation (just voice). If participating, we would arrange a time that is convenient for you to meet me for about one hour and I will ask you about the work you do and how you feel about it. Anything you say would be an anonymous, and I will not share that information with anyone (only my tutor, and even she wouldn't have your name).

    Finally, I just want to clarify that there are no right and wrong answers in anything I will ask you, and the information you provide will contribute towards my project, in which I aim to explore the experiences of TAs supporting children with very complex difficulties, to raise awareness of the importance of your role in mainstream primary schools and to figure out what is the best way to support you in what you do, and to help you support the children to achieve their aims.

    If you are interested, please comment below or send me an email to
    I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Thank you very much!
  2. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Hi asansr, sorry I can't offer to participate in your research - I'm an HLTA, but nowhere near your part of the country, and I don't generally support pupils with the difficulties you're looking for. I just want to wish you well with it; anything which raises awareness of the challenges faced every day by TAs who do support these children as well as the problems these pupils can face in mainstream can only be a positive move. Good luck!
  3. asansr58

    asansr58 New commenter

    Thank you, I really appreciate the reply. I am really struggling to find 5 participants, but I guess it is pretty specific. Please feel free to spread the word to other TAs you may know (who may know someone who may know someone). Thank you!

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