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Do you ever get the urge to run away from life and go crazy?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by impulce, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Sometimes, particularly school holidays, I just get the urge to drop
    everything, run away to somewhere sunny and have a crazy few weeks of
    I love my house, love my partner, love my job (mostly!) and
    love my cats and would never ever leave any of them, but sometimes I sit
    and think that I am in my mid-20s and have gone straight from school to
    college to uni to work and have never really had time to enjoy being
    young and have some freedom. I DO have fun, enjoy life, go various
    places, occasionally still go clubbing etc and very much enjoy my home
    comforts - but I just feel sometimes that I have missed out a vital part
    of my youth and am now living in a bit of a dull settled-down
    bubble.Granted, if I actually upped sticks and went on some mad few
    weeks of partying I would probably become very bored and miss home very
    Does anyone else have the same thoughts, or have I just been watching too much Jersey Shore? :p
  2. Marshall

    Marshall Star commenter

    How strange - I had this wierd dream last night where I did just that! Told everyone exactly what I thought of them and then sold my house and took off!
    Shirley Valentine moment!!
  3. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Yes, yes, yes!
  4. It's normal, eh?
    Thank goodness.
  5. Har har....don't really mean to laugh impulce, but that's called 'life' and it's what most of us (have to) do when we have to make it on our own without the aid of our parents. Sounds like you are doing quite nicely - but yes, life can be very mundane and a bit hamster-wheelish, if you know what I mean?
    If you ran away and blew your cash on mad fun-filled weeks of exploration and partying you'd still have bills waiting when you came back...but you'd be job-seeking too...unless you got a 'go and have a mad time doing what you really want to do' secondent from school. I don't think many LAs dish those out these days....[​IMG]
    Responsibilities can be a real bu.gger, and they do weigh you down...and you <u>age</u> carrying them too...so double whammy. [​IMG] It's a bit grim really when you think about it....all those Septembers coming round and yet anotther timetable...another lot of kids, more school bells, more meetings etc.
    Part of me says...don't go down the conventional route....do go mad, see the world, live in a motor home...back-pack across Europe or the States....etc but I know the reality and the dream don't always match up. I say this with hindsight because 25 or 30 yr mortgages take people into their 50s or 60s. That's most of your active life being tied to one....and the bills that go with having a roof over your head.
    For most of us, our fate is more or less sealed the minute we settle down...(grim reaper emoticon needed) unless you are the adventurous (and brave ) sort who can throw off the chains of conventional living, sell up, raid the Building Society book and take off. Not many people do that....but downsizing might be an option to thiose wanting to 'live' a little.
    You have made your bed I am afraid....but you can spice up what you have. I'd urge you to do that, because life does become very 'samey' otherwise.

  6. Yes!! All the time! Can I come with you?! [​IMG]
  7. Oh God yes. Now that I am in my (very) late 50s, I am desperate to do the things I was unable to do when I was younger. I want to go whale watching and travel to New Zealand. I want to see the Great Barrier Reef and orang utans in Borneo (among other things) before I totter into old age. I just need a lottery win......[​IMG]
  8. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    If you can't run too far, find a mad, crazy, leisure activity. I have. [​IMG]
  9. Well, I'm glad it's not just me!!
    As I said I do love my life, just sometimes have those "What if..." moments!
    Ive just this year bought my first home and have a 35 yr mortgage (Eek!), but the pride in owning my own home and knowing it is all ours far outweighs those moments of wanting to run away and go crazy!
    At the moment Im just looking forward to a few years time when my loan/overdrafts should be paid off, and I will have spare cash to put away for exotic holidays etc. I just want to get out and explore the world in small bursts at least!

  10. Oh yes! Same here Cosmos. I'll be your travelling companion when you get that win! We can be a sort of doddery Thelma and Louise.. [​IMG]
    I want to do and see SO much before I become a complete crock. I am tempted to sell up and leave the kids without an inheritance some days...but the gloomy thought is, I might need funds from the house to pay care fees if I live to a ripe old age! What has all this work and striving been in aid of I ask myself?
    My dreams...the Andes, the Rockies, all of Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand, whale-watching, star-gazing, safaris and winters in warm climates....sipping cocktails while the rest of the world works...
    When I was a student and about to finish my course, a back-packing boyfriend, my first real love, asked me if I fancied travelling with him overland on the Trans Siberian Express to Japan....and I was too scared to go. He did extremely well for himself, that adventurous young man....now, like me in his fifties.
  11. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Cosmos and Arched Eyebrow, that's exactly what I'm doing. Been to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentins, Jordan-3 times now, hoping to get to Saudi this year, Have to visit Colombia to visit some former students, and Libya again. I can feel the back getting a bit worse every year, so any Camel rides etc have to be done soon!
    Join me, you're more than welcome and will be welcomed by my former students in all the countries.
  12. What a nice offer Lapin...and how lovely that your students welcome you to their parts of the world. What a good way to get around, with local guides thrown in too! Sadly, even air fares are beyond me right now.
    Hope you get to ride those camels soon!
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I have to say that whale watching can be a poisoned chalice. I went out on a whale watching trip in Oz on a tiny police launch, all excited at the prospect of 3 hours of adventure. Once out past the headlands, when I was holding onto the low barrier at the side of the boat, the waves got up strength till they were high as houses. People were thrown around the deck and turned green. I wasn't sick but I was bloody terrified and thought my last hour had come. By the time the captain shouted, "There she blows", I couldn't have cared less about the whales but just longed to be back on dry land. When we got back into hardbour the captain said that we should never have put out in such rough weather. But the Aussies have a somewhat cavalier attitude to elf and safety.
  14. I'll come to Libya with you Lapin! And AE,I would love to be a doddery Thelma to your Louise! [​IMG]

  15. I just want to be Barbara off the Good Life..
  16. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    i want to do a world tour on my motor bike......but with enough cash to enjoy
    failing that a grand sail in the south pacific and also all the other continents explored.......but as usual ...no cash

  17. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    I want enough money to visit my rellies in Oz, and to settle in a small cottage near the beach once retired. Simple wants. Had an ex who spent money like it was going out of fashion, in the pursuit to be, and have, the best of everything, so my needs are very simple now.

    Life is the "samey" for all of us. Sometimes I wish I could be the one who could live hand to mouth, doing enough to get by, but that's a lifestyle choice I didn't make before I got my first house. The grass always seems to be greener, but I'm sure it never is!
  18. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    We had a similar experience when on a whale watching trip off Vancouver Island. And we didn't even get to see any whales! (Mind you, we did see some whales whilst on a much more sedate trip to watch dolphins off the south coast of Spain.)
    As for the urge to escape the rat race and see more of life, I always feel lucky to have been sent on a compulsory year abroad through studying mfl at university. I had the most wonderful year in France and Italy, during which time I met so many people and saw so much of both countries - the brilliant memories have stayed with me over the years. Whilst not having taken place in the most far-flung of destinations, the experience was liberating and I'm content with my life for having had that opportunity early on.
  19. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I'm thinking of doing one of those charitry trek/ bike rides/ build a school things. There are some that happen in the easter hols. Kids are getting old enough to not need me as much and hubby probably needs to appreciate me and all the work involved in running a house more! Might change his mind about whether I can work fulltime when he works such long hours.[​IMG]
    We had started getting more adventurous with our hols, but now prices have gone up so much we are now facing hols in the UK for the first time. Our hols were the one bright light in the year to look forward to and now we might not have them.[​IMG]

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