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Do you call?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by roseangel, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. I have never once called my agency seeking work but I still get plenty. I would have thought the agency would be busy fielding calls from schools and contacting teachers to send. I can't see that there is much point calling in on the off chance. Perhaps the night before would be more reasonable.
  2. Mitzka

    Mitzka New commenter

    I don't call mine but I think it depends on what agency you are with. My flatmate was with a different agency and had to call every morning where as my agency explained to me at the beginning just to be up and ready and they will call any time after 6.45/7am. I either get a call for work straight off or I get a call to check I'm up and ready and then usually a work call following this. This past 2 weeks and the last week of term I haven't had either but only because they literally have no work for me as yet. They have rung still in the afternoons to check I'm still available the following day and just to let me know they are still there...
  3. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    I don't call mine as they tend to call or text me on a Friday afternoon with the following week's work or the evening before a day's work - thus most of my work is booked in advance. There are however, rare occassions when they send me a text saying that I will be on standby the following morning, if I have not already been booked. On such mornings, I have a shower, dress and wait. The latest call I have had was at about 8.15am. Saying that, I have an EXCELLENT agency but i do know from reading posts on this forum that many, many people are not quite so lucky and I appreciate too that different agencies have different expectations.
  4. seza-lou

    seza-lou New commenter

    At the beginning because I was living in a different country and then commuting to London to supply every few weeks I would always call in the morning for a few to let them know I was back doing supply work. Eventually I would usually get a call Thurs or Fri and I would get booked up for most of the following week when I was back and I found that a lot easier as it meant could plan flights and when I was their a lot easier than if I had to call up every morning and play the waiting game

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