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Do you also hear 'oh this isnt relevant for FS' at your staff meetings?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kangel, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Feeling tired and grumpy at the end of the day ... and then a staff meeting where everyone was overjoyed about some new resources but OH SURPRISE SURPRISE not really suitable for Early Years. Urgh I feel like I hear it waaaayyyy too often! I dont deny that ALL year groups have it tough, teaching is HARD work but oh how I wish sometimes TEAM meant us too [​IMG]
    Think I need sleep...sorry for the moan!
  2. Feeling tired and grumpy at the end of the day ... and then a staff meeting where everyone was overjoyed about some new resources but OH SURPRISE SURPRISE not really suitable for Early Years. Urgh I feel like I hear it waaaayyyy too often! I dont deny that ALL year groups have it tough, teaching is HARD work but oh how I wish sometimes TEAM meant us too [​IMG]
    Think I need sleep...sorry for the moan!
  3. We hear that at EVERY meeting. We don't have an Early Years budget. We have to submit our resource requests to the KS1 subject leaders and rarely get anything we've asked for as they've spent their budget on resources that aren't suitable for Early Years. We have to sit through staff meetings lead by KS1 subject leaders, who don't know ANYTHING about Early Years, and we're told to 'take away from it what we can'. When was the last time anyone from Early Years led a staff meeting about what we do all day?? NEVER! We don't even have a Foundation Stage Coordinator. Apparently we 'don't need one'. Just like we apparently don't 'need' our own budget. We do get remembered when the Year 2 teachers aren't happy with the children's handwriting when they get them in September. Apparently it has nothing to do with Year 1, it's all our fault.
    Rant over!
  4. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    We have weekly meetings, with a bit of time for business at the beginning, followed by staff development.
    I'd say that 99% of the training is completely irrelevant to Foundation Stage. But we still have to sit through it.
    We take part in APP moderation, although we don't use APP. We are shown tracking sheets that Key Stage 1 and 2 use, and we don't. We are given copies of subject policies that include expectations for children's achievement at the end of KS1 and 2, but don't mention FS. We have advisors talk about different teaching strategies (last night it included methods such as asking children to research something on the internet, or asking children to independently carry out a group activity with each child taking on a different role), which would be impossible for a reception aged child.
    And how often are other staff asked to sit in on training that is aimed at Foundation Stage? How often are we excused from an irrelevant meeting so that we can moderate our profile scores? I bet you know the answer to that one.
  5. Yep! I actually have a tally chart in the back of my notebook (that's how bored I get!). I add a line every time "Sorry, this isn't relevant to EY/Sorry, there aren't any handouts for EY/ It's good for you to know what's happening higher up" is mentioned. I'm up to 42 since September...
  6. We have to provide a body of evidence for APP just like rest of school but ours is never seen again, while everyone else's is used in staff meetings!! After having to 'IE' under every category on the cover sheet the SLT finally agreed we could just use our profile sheets on the front instead. They could learn so much by what we do in FS if only they'd listen! :)
  7. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    Oh yes! Countless meetings where we've helped with marking moderation. Even asked if we could go off and do internal moderation of our own work ... but told that it would be useful for us to know what was going on up the school. When we suggested that a staff meeting could be used to moderate some video evidence that we had, we got a somewhat goggle-eyed look from everyone else!
  8. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    All the time. [​IMG]We used to contribute to writing moderation exercises. Now they dont want any evidence from FS, not even F2 unless they are showing signs of L1 work. It seems it is important for us to know what L1-5 looks like but everyone else doesnt need to know what DM levels look like, even the literacy coordinator! What is worse for me is that I am PT so dont attend many meetings. Twice recently I have come in for meetings that were supposed to be relevant, only to find that the content of the meeting has changed and noone has told me!
    We found it really funny when APP first came in and staff in KS1 and 2 were kicking off about doing observations and keeping evidence. That is the only time we were given time to show off our learning journals and explain what we do and that we had been doing it for years. It was the first time that some members of staff clicked that we dont just play. We have had a bit more respect since then. Unfortunately the content of meetings and inset hasnt changed.[​IMG]
    We do have KS meetings, but now the role of KS1 and FS coordinator has been combined, the meetings still have a KS1 focus especially as there are issues in KS1.
  9. Used to drive me nuts in a school I worked in where the head was very much a KS2 person and only ventured into the land of the small people when they were required to look cute for photographs basically (least she left me alone I guess)!
    We did get our revenge slightly at one point - managed to wangle a twilight training on phonics to brush up/give certain KS2 staff a clue where the kids were coming from (this was prior to letters and sounds)... and boy oh boy did KS1 spend an extensive amount of time insisting ALL in SMT made total eejits out of themselves doing the most embarassing actions from Jolly Phonics (ee/or I'm looking at you). Petty - but oh so sweet having had to sit through every single staff meeting of KS2 total relevance, KS1 minor relevance, FS complete and total irrelevance for the year.
    The KS2 emphasis is actually one reason I'm already fretting about primary school choice for the bump... local primary is 1 form entry through FS/KS1 and then 3 forms from KS2 as it takes in the kids from the local infant school. I know from the grapevine that it's very very KS2 heavily oriented (slightly inevitable with how top-heavy it is) and even the FS practice is quite formal and geared very much to meek little girls who want to sit at a table and write letters and draw pictures... and do I really want my child going to this - no way! I forsee us trying desperately to get into the further away infants just to avoid that particular can of worms.
  10. Who really cares about Foundation Stage? Pat the staff on the head , tell them the kids are sooo cute, and they didn't ever ever assume you are teaching .... until skills are to be tested earlier and earlerr.
  11. Oh does this one (well I don't work full-time now anyway anymore so it should be "did" in my case) drive anyone else nuts as well?
    Kid in the upper reaches of the school shows up sheepishly at the door of your classroom having been sent "down" to you for misbehaving "until he learns how to behave how we should do in year 6." Like the insinuation that my own little bunch are badly behaved and he'll fit in there or something! (Also quite possibly the WORST classroom in the school to send a child to for a quiet quit misbehaving work opportunity - we have lots of tables for miscreants don't we?!)
    Used to drive me flipping nuts!
  12. This all sounds so familier! The famous 'it would be good for you to be aware of what's going on across the school' but the rest of them never have to be aware of what we are doing. Its seems to be useful to know where the children end up but never useful to know where they come from and how much work we do actually put in with them right from the start. We used to have to take part in moderating other year groups writing during meetings but would then have to find additional time to look at our own profile stuff . At least with our new head she has let us go during staff meetings to get on with our own stuff when the meeting hasn't been relavant.
    Every year KS1 moan about how our scores arn't right and that writing
    isn't good enough but with some children we take them from writing
    scribbles to actual v simple sentences but its still not good enough. It
    would appear that children in reception are supposed to make a hell of a
    lot more progress than they would ever have to in KS1. Sorry rant over!

  13. We have been told that a Numeracy workshop is going to be booked. But, it's 'too advanced' for Foundation, so we're not invited. We will probably have to give up our PE time though, as they will need the hall.
  14. I SO agree! The majority of our meetings aren't relevant but we still have to sit through them. I think we could teach KS1 and 2 teachers a thing or two and I feel I can say that because I was KS1/2 trained and got my first post in Reception.
  15. Ahh ha ha ha ha You have made me smile Macaroni...what a great idea!! Oh yes the 'it's good for you to know what's happening higher up' is a very frequent phrase!!
    Well I am sorry that so many of you also have to put up with the lack of desire to understand and incorporate EY into whole school life...however it makes me feel MUCH better knowing I am not alone [​IMG] As usual we will all keep smiling and keep working hard for the children!!
    Thanks for the boost everyone...nearly Friday!!
  16. I'm really pleased to be included in staff meetings about what goes on in the rest of the school- who knows, next year I might be asked to go and teach in KS1 or 2 and would hate to have no knowledge of what goes on there.
    By my showing interest, it also means that there is a mutual respect that has developed which means that my colleagues are interested in what I have to say about the EY's- you can't say "this isn't applicable to the Early Years so I'm not interested," and then expect them to listen to what you have to say about what you do

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