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Do they really think they will get the best person for the job?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by merlymoo, May 25, 2011.

  1. Interviewed today -
    • 20 minute lesson (no time to set up classroom - kids sitting there with HT saying take as long as you need to get sorted!)
    • Discussion about an object that demonstrates your outstanding teaching.
    • school council interview disguised as a tour
    • email head to tell him what" impact you will have and how you will drive the school forward"
    • levelling activity with NO APP or assessment criteria to mark against - just off the top of your head! (Luckily I took APP sheets with me)
    • Interview,
    Didnt get the job, as usual my nerves got the better of me and I stuffed it up! Disappointed not to be the successful candidate but on the other hand quite relieved as it didnt seem the sort of place where I would be happy. I already appreciate the school where i work and am only looking because i need a bigger school with more scope for movement but today has REALLY made me aappreciate my school - going to take them cakes tomoro!

  2. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Yes that's the conclusion I've come to as well Merlymoo. There are things I dont like about my school but there is more I like and I am not going to jump out of the fish pan into the fire! If that means I stay until I retire in 20 years so be it. A straw poll of our staffroom most of whom are at similar points in their career as me and not particularly bothered about moving, are of the same opinion and dont want to put themselves through stupid interviews for the sake of it. I can see whole schools full of 40 something teachers not interested in promotion, but put off moving schools if this farce continues.
  3. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I have had two interviews, where I had to teach a lesson, interview with school council/tour, one with lunch with entire staff - for part time maternity cover posts!! Neither of which I got! Talk about a ridiculous palaver for a temporary part time job. Thank goodness I didn't end up there - I'm pretty sure it would have driven me mad(der!).
  4. It is a buyers market so schools can set their selection citeria as they wish!
    However, as a HT of over 12 years standing I find some of the examples given, totally over the top.
    Brief lesson and interview, is all that is needed for a "standard" class teacher vacancy.
  5. It's when you get there, prepared for anything, to find out there is an internal candidate. Makes me just want to go home there and then!
  6. Thank goodness I'm happy where I am - I often look at jobs going in the county as I've been at my school 6 years now since being an NQT. I think I'll stay put! Mind you it's not just teaching where these extreme interviews are happening. My daughter has been looking for a summer job for when she's home from uni and had an interview at the local cinema. It was a two hour group assessment interview where the canidates were observed by various people carrying clipboards and writing down practically every breath they took! For one of the tasks they had 5 mins to write a story using words of 3 letters or fewer - why? For selling tickets and popcorn?!! Thankfully she got the job!
  7. I turned down an interview because of the recruitment process. I felt that if they were going to expect that much level of work - above and beyond, then it would not be the school for me. They wanted a lesson & interviews - fine. But also a presentation, assessment task to be given on the day & a written task about the classroom environment.
  8. Uttterly ridiculous in my opinion, it rarely works either having seen a HT and SMT ousted in my school in last 3 years because they couldnt do the job even though they had come through 'rigorous' interviews
  9. dusty67

    dusty67 New commenter

    We've just recruited and the process was that we long listed 12 to come in and teach a 40 minute lesson. From that we shortlisted down to six to come for interview. If all 12 had been good, we'd have had all 12 back, similarly if only 3 had been good, we'd have only called them back.

    The interview consists of a 15 minute discussion with some staff from school (mixture of SLT and potential year group partner) The focus of this interview is the school's aims. I made sure all candidates got a school prospectus prior to the interview, so they should have had a good idea of what we are about.

    Then it's a panel interview with myself, dHT and Governors. Just 6 questions. The one which really sorted the wheat from the chaff yesterday was.....This job is for Y?. Tell me what a child meeting national expectations will be able to do in reading, writing and maths. Followed by...What NC level do you think that child should be working at?
    Then both panels get back together and compare notes. It was interesting that both panels ranked all the candidates in the same order.

    For the candidate who wants to run a mile when there are internal candidates, don't! If schools want to appoint some one, they don't have to advertise, so don't assume they are just going through the motions. Yesterday we had two candidates who do regular supply at my school, and neither got the job.
  10. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I would NOT be happy if I had to teach a lesson just to get on a short list. Sorry, but I think that's a waste of everyone's time. It's a teaching jobb, not Chairman of the Bank of England.
  11. chocolatelover

    chocolatelover New commenter

    I have been the internal candidate twice now and neither time did I get the job!
    1st time it was at a catholic school and the governers went for a catholic girl.
    2nd time was at my current school, 2 maternity covers for 1 term or 2 terms, offered to other people, but a week later I was offered 3 1/2 days for the full year, with extra as needed.
    But just found out the one of the girls for the maternity cover might be dropping out and have a 1 yr or perm job!
    Anyway, my point is, don't be put off by an internal candidate!
  12. I had some wonderful interviews before I decided I couldn't be bothered playing the silly waste of time game anymore - I'm supply till the bitter end now and love it!
    School wanting us to meet with a key stage leader and governor before school at 7.45 am for a review of a sample of our planning, followed by being plonked in a cupboard with 4 chairs in it (just!) until our demo lessons... at 11am onwards. There's only so many hours you can look keen and alert and on interview footing while sat in a cupboard! Then the lunch with the kids - fine, before some grand X Factor "these are the people we're actually going to interview" unveiling after a lunch hour sat in a classroom (they let us out of the cupboard for that bit). Yeah fine - have us there for the morning - but find some more accomodation than the cupboard for us to sit in! Was only politeness that had meant I didn't walk out after the second hour of incarceration in there!
    The written tasks - I know my old school used to do the level a child's piece of work and suggest a target one - but I know my old head was nice enough to leave the level descriptors there to do it with!
    Worst I had was as an internal applicant for my own post (maternity cover who didn't come back), not making the shortlist despite my head pushing for me to apply (they wanted a man basically - the entire shortlist was male), and having to watch the school council interviews going on on the other side of my classroom door (hence how I know the entire shortlist was male) - one of the longest days of my life smiling through that one everytime one of the applicants walked by.
  13. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    That is so bonkers, MisterF.
    I'm glad you have such respect for yourslef not to put yourself through such ridiculous behaviour. (sorry for the bad grammar!)
  14. Two interviews of mine spring to mind.
    School A for a two term maternity cover wanted an interview, teaching session and shared lunch as well as giving the candidates 1 hour to write an essay on how they could improve the school based on what they had seen from their tour.
    School B invited 8 candidates at 8.30,took us on a half hour tour then asked us to pick numbers from a hat. I picked 8 and was told to go away till 3.30pm. I wasn't asked if I would take the job if offered as they had already decided and we all had to be in the staff room at 4pm when they would invite the preferred candidate to come and have a chat, one more candidate to stay just in case and the rest of us could go home. One girl who had the 9am slot and lived 60 miles away did not bother coming back.
  15. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Many staff permanently employed in the closing middle schools in Kiklees Lea have had to go through all this to work in the first schools next door! The high schools were pretty horrific too.
  16. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Funny how other than Blue rose, the heads have been very quiet about this. Any heads care to make a response?
  17. Having sat on the other side of the table and had our fingers burned with an appalling NQT (who won't be passed) yes we do need to double check standards as yes the references and qualifications are not worth the paper they are written on. Our NQT should never have been awarded QTS in the first place yet she interviewed well and taught a resonable lesson. Other NQTs that we have interviewed this year have been unable to talk about planning or assessment.
  18. For my very first teaching job I had to :
    Teach a 15 minute phonics lesson to 12 children.
    Tell them the phase each of the 12 children should be in in the interview and some next steps. Formal interview. School council interview. This was my first interview, and it was scary as hell, especially the assessments expected in 15 minutes on 12 children. This was for a maternity contract in year 1. My other interviews have not been so pressurised luckily although I can feel itchy feet coming on about moving to another school, although this post slightly puts me off :O x
  19. It always comes down to if they like you and if your face fits and very little else ! I have never met more subjective criterias in my life than those in education- even the assessment is subjective. In the end it boils down to group agreement - little more than petty bullying, usually by those who like to talk about others - neagatively. I have lost count of the number of interviews I have had. The advice swings from - make it more teacher led - to make it more pupil led. Each time I use one apporach I am told to use the other. I am a fed up of all the negative nitpickings when I can prove that so many aspects of my lessons are good to excellent. Today I took my differentiated plan - perused by another experienced teacher - and the IWB didn't work, their software wouldn't open my correctly saved ppt, fortuntaly, I took a suitcase packed full of differentiated resources and then they said they wanted the children to be more engaged. Perhaps they would have been if the flash powerpoint would open, if the pens would worked ! L. 3's you have got to be joking. Maybe the true situation is that heads are scared of experienced or - like your candidate, well informed teachers because they know that we will get the work done and get it done accurately, perhaps affecting their nice data and delusional mis-leading appearances.
    I bet at the next interview if I can pluck up the courage to do a rubbish lesson as the suggestions I have been given are - then instead of passing me with an excellent for that old sugar paper and felt tip activity, they will catch on and ironically fail it anyway.
    When I trained good feedback for an interactive lesson had to include 3 positives followed by 2 or 3 or fewer points to develop. Why don't we have a focus on positive professional management in interviews. I am fed up of being patronised, unconsulted and presumed about. How about starting an interview with :
    ' Can you tell us about your plan ?' , ' Why did you ask that or teach that ', ' Which parts do you think worked well ?' , ' ' How do you think you built progresssion?' , ' Why did you cchoose that method?'. Guess what - we can answer these questions, saving the interviewer time and leading to REAL adult learning and improvement !
    While supplying, to fund travel to an interview and to pay the rent - I am fed up of being treated as if I am stupid, a child, an object of pity, embarrasement, amusement and all the rest of it . Worst of all I am fed up of harrassment and whispered aside insinuations when supplying. What has happened to good old repect and manners?
    Today I was interviewed and the head wasn't even in the school. The person interviewing me couldn't make their title clear - if they were anotehr head or an area advisor. The governors were clearly church quaffing and nose nudging and making it clear that they enjoyed this, celebrating their successes while we waited patiently for our results - AFTER we had to eat their bloomin sandwiches ! Who wants their food if they not being offered the job ! I think in addition to the work load some simple plain old principles of respect for everyone need to re-instigated.
  20. No - they will just choose their best friends. Time management got off the proverbial playground.

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