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Do these sound like bogus redundancies?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by bbg22, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. A teaching associate of mine is about to be made redundant from a school along with two others (all teaching staff, out of a very big staff). These where made on the grounds that it was believed that the LEA was forced to make spending cuts in most of the schools, and especially this one due to declining numbers. However, the redundancies are still occuring in spite of the numbers being confirmed for next year as being as high as ever before. Additionally, it was made to all to believe in the staff that cuts where to be made in all the schools in the LEA, yet there are in actual fact no other redundancies in any of the other schools in the area, yet the senior management team it it out that they where initially under pressure to get this done from the LEA.
    In addition, the school has had a number of resignations since the redundancies where announced, as it was felt those staff could be kept if this happened. However, these staff have not been kept and the other positions have been replaced.
    In addition, there are tonnes of jobs and promotions in education at the moment, and the financial crisis in my estimation is well on its way to recovery. I have never heard of redundancies before among teaching staff, and the reality seems that there are more promotions and jobs than ever before Do these seem genuine? I am very concerned for my freind as it sounds like it may be a farce. What are other peoples opinion on these? Has anyone witnessed many redundancies in education, or does this sound like a case of playing politics/pulling the wool over people's eyes in the midsts of media hype?
    Opinions welcome

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