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Do the SNP favour the scrapping of Denominational Schools?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Freddie92, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Aber1991

    Aber1991 New commenter

    When you have provided your non-sectarian utopia, please let Catholics know so that we can be part of your utopia. In the meantime, please let us live in the world as it exists.
  2. Aber1991

    Aber1991 New commenter

    The truth shall set ye free; now you are free.
  3. Not here. Really. Honestly.
  4. Freddie92

    Freddie92 Occasional commenter

    That was my point. He was expedient! And whether he won over that particular group of Texans was also not the point. It was that nationally he was winning over the doubters that he would not be ruled by a higher power, in this case the Pope.

    And I think you will find JFK was popular in Texas, partly due to LBJ and his social reforms. Not all Texans are rednecks. I have been to Dallas and Houston and found them very nice people.

    Also was killed in Texas, yes as you said. But the inference was wrong as Lee Harvey Oswald was originally from New Orleans. And before anyone starts with the conspiracy BS... forget the excellent though daft Oliver Stone movie and go to the Sixth Floor Museum. When you have a wee peek from that window as I did you will realise just how close and how easy it was for a sniper to kill the President. Indeed, that is why Jackie was probably never hit, as he could aim so precisely. Connally was hit by a bullet that went through Kennedy.
  5. Freddie92

    Freddie92 Occasional commenter

    Not been on here for a while and saw this pop up on a sidebar. And after reading my above post I think I must be becoming thicker as the years go by as compared to my current articulation that wasn't too bad!
  6. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Established commenter

    Do you mean thicker mentally or physically?

    I'm both!
    Freddie92 likes this.

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