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Do teachers truly assess during lessons?

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by pedchamp, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. pedchamp

    pedchamp New commenter

    I know all teachers assess and are amazing at looking out of the back of the head at what is going on in the class. What concerns me is do teachers have time to process and record the assessments to help them plan. With so much going on things are going to be forgotten. Do teachers then have to rely on marking the books. Do teachers or school have any good things to share that helps with the 'formative' assessment? It has got to be a balance of efficiency and teacher workload. I don't want things that dramatically increase teacher workload.
  2. MarkBOT

    MarkBOT New commenter

    Assessing of students, and then providing quality feedback has long been proved to be the most effective .ethos of raising pupil attainment. That feedback has be done in a timely fashion, which can be really difficult. We believe that automated feedback is the only way to be able to truly assess and feedback to each student during a single lesson and have spent along time developing methods to be able to assess accurately and quickly, but also provide effective time feedback to students within minutes uses of them submitting work.

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