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Do State schools not recognise time abroad on payscales?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by iamspartacus, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Just given myself a fright.
  2. Just given myself a fright.
  3. mountaingoat

    mountaingoat New commenter

    Depends which county/school. Mine didn't!
  4. I would say it definitely all depends! Some Heads will and some won't. Some people have got it recognised by negotiating. What may help is making sure you are as up to date as possible with any significant changes that have taken place while you have been away.
  5. Where are you the mountain goats?
  6. Mine did - maybe it depends on the type of establishment abroad? The school I was in abroad was a big international British-curriculum school. I don't know if that made a difference.
  7. In my experience some schools try not too as you will be cheaper, yet more experienced. However, if you negotiate with LEA you can get your years recognised and schools then have to go along with the LEA.
  8. Thank you bigsmallfish, that`s an excellent strategy. Would you do that as a letter...look I`ve done this ...this school is not recognising this...
    How would you word it roughly?

    Friendlyface- how do we stay in touch with curriculum developments?
  9. My LEA have a policy not to, didn't matter on style of school or how up to date you were.
  10. So the LEAs might vary their response?
    It might be another post, but do the LEAs have individual approaches to this? They don`t have guidelines to stick to?
  11. They normally do in the UK. Just as they would take into account the former salary and years in work of someone switching to a teaching career rather than another industry or profession.

    You have to be hot at interview, especially when up against much cheaper new graduates and NQT's!
  12. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    I don't see any reason why they shouldn't since they even take into account experience in other inductries when negotiating at interview, especially when NQTs try to bargain for a higher starting point on the pay scale than M1.
  13. invincible

    invincible New commenter


    ...I'm on holiday, give me a break!
  14. Given!

    Thanks penny and vince. You would hope there would be a logical parallel with years in industry. Wouldn`t be the first time the profession showed it`s illogical side, though!
  15. If you join the LEA supply pool they will put you on your points. If they havn't recognised the points you would have been on whilst abroad then go higher and negotiate with the decision maker. Explain that your school followed the N.C. and you are up to date with training etc. (Believe me, is does work and its not that much effort). Once they have recognised your points, no-one can take them away. The down side of this is when you apply for a permanent job, you may be overlooked as you are deemed too expensive. On the other hand, if your subject is in demand....
  16. ...they get an experienced teacher at a bargain price.
  17. When I returned to Blighty for a year two years ago, my LEA were contesting recognising years overseas on the Mainscale but all local teaching agencies I approached were willing to take them into account. In the end, when a school offered me a position, I negotiated with the Head(who actually agreed that experience in an International school enhanced my CV especially with the influx of EFL learners in the UK at the moment) and moved me on accordingly. I did have to get it Oked by the Board of Governors by stating my case to them too in writing. My advice would be to put your case persuasively to the Head of the School if you are chasing a particular school (EAL experience, NC, languages and so on) and if supplying, the agencies will probably not question it anyway. Not sure if Primary or Secondary but if it is applicable, I would make sure that you are up to date with Internactive Whiteboards and ICT software and you have recent CPD . My interviews were littered with questions about behaviour management strategies, restraining procedures and IEPs (this should have been a BIG clue as to the main challenges of UK schools these days)!
  18. Thank you Belle, I`ve read this through a couple of times and am just letting it settle. Will be of use in the future! appreciated.
  19. My years abroad were taken into account and my present Head looke astonished that I was even asking...mind you, it's an independent school, so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  20. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    Probably makes a big difference. I would go for an independent school anyway. Who wants to teach in the **** state system with all its hoops to jump through and countless, pointless initiatives, creating automaton teachers?

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