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**********!! DO NOT USE!!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by the hippo, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Sorry,but I do not understand this. Maybe the creator of ********** was a paedophile, a serial rapist, an axe-murderer or whatever. Who cares? Does ********** corrupt all of those who use it? Will anyone know (or give a damn) that some of your interesting display about Rocks and Soils actually came from **********? I don't think so. Teachers in international schools have a tough enough time getting suitable educational resources, so let's not make it even harder.
  2. Thank God someone said it!! Have been thinking this all along - people get a grip. I wondered where the 'putting children in danger' bit came from with this - I've never known a child get so excited about displays they go onto the site and download a boarder from it, or indeed are aware that they come from a website - just like they believe we sleep overnight in the staff room, they think the displays are the result of miss being ever so clever and working lots - despite exactly the same display on show in the classroom nextdoor - bless!
    Or perhaps there are subliminal messages hidden in the tigers' eyes and elephants' trunks....!
  3. Those of us with principles will not be using this website anymore. How many teachers that amounts to, I don't know, but I would rather have no resources than use those of a paedophile. Maybe you should encourage the students in your class hippo, to create wall displays if you're stuck - just a suggestion.
  4. rosyanna

    rosyanna New commenter

    I am hoping that someone jumps in quickly and can provide a good alternative to ********** thus removing the moral dilemma.
    I'm sure all of us in primary use our classes to create wall displays, but ********** did provide a quick display when needed.
  5. lovely.lady

    lovely.lady Occasional commenter

    Firstly, I'm totally lost without the fab recources that ********** provided FOC but as a mother, teacher and human being I cannot and will not condone child pornography!! I would rather put up 2nd rate displays than admit to using the resources of a paedophile. That's just my take on things and it sickens me to think that a corrupt little mind could outwit so many people in such a way doesn't bear thinking about!! As the owner of the site he is still making money from the advertising - well it's a no thank you from me!!
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Maybe he is still making money from the advertising because ********** is a fantastic resource for teachers. I don't suppose that he has many opportunities to spend it right now. Let us not forget that the man is currently in prison and being punished for his crimes, having been found guilty in a court of law. Anyone who has ever "done time" will know that the other prisoners take a sadistic pleasure in making life in prison absolute hell for sex offenders. So please rest assured, lovely.lady, that the man is being punished. Does that also mean that teachers and children all over the world should also be "punished" as well, by being deprived of a superb educational website?
    Using ********** does not mean that I condone child pornography. Listening to Wagner does not mean that I am a Nazi. If you are a jazz fan, does that mean that you approve of the Slave Trade?
  7. I concur completely lovely.lady. I'm at a a loss for words to think that teachers - those who have the children at the centre of all they do - could continue to use the resources on that website. I cringe to think of those displays that were thought of by such a wicked man. I know I will now be spending a lot more time making resources and wall displays, but that's the price that I have chosen to pay, and will do so very happily. Come on everyone, there was life before **********!
  8. 'the hippo', you don't really care, do you? Classroom and wall displays that are more important than principles...whatever.
  9. dylan11

    dylan11 New commenter

    I absolutly have tyo agree with The Hippo!!!!
    Maybe lovelylady and tippy tom have never taught in a country where you are not able to buy anything apart from qat.It sounds like they are not in a hardship posting ( I have a lucky guess...sparkly Dubai, ME Lite) I cannot even buy construction paper for making my own displays, and I do have principles.And class room displays are very important for children especially in the country I am teaching. Local schools do not even know what a display is.
  10. Hear hear! Again - get a grip people.
  11. Anyone thinking that the name of the website is a bit freudian?
    By the way. Nonces get sent to Nonce prisons where they get to mix with other paedos and discuss how not to get caught next time. They rarely spend any time with the general prison population. This guy will serve 6 months maximum in a comfortable prison. I'm sure his cell will have creative decorations on the wall.

  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I am sorry that happynotlucky has such a low opinion of the British criminal justice system. The man was found guilty by a jury and given his sentence by a judge who, one hopes, took into account all of the evidence of the case. What is so unfair about that?
    Teachers all over the world have been using the ********** website and the education of hundreds of thousands of children has been enriched by this resource. Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. If using ********** is somehow going to endanger the children in my class, then of course I won't use it, but so far no one has explained to me how using ********** somehow makes me a criminal.
  13. juakali

    juakali New commenter

    If a website was known to sponsor terrorism would you use it?
  14. Not the same thing at all, and a few posters are being quite ridiculous and overpersonalizing this thread.
    I totally understand why some people may feel they don't want to use **********. That's your choice, but attempting to tar people that continue to use it as condoning child pornography are being utterly ridiculous.
    As for ********** being a suggestive name - huh?! It wasn't suggestive a few weeks ago though was it?
  15. juakali

    juakali New commenter

    Yeah, you're right.
    So what is your answer to the question?
  16. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    The OP is a little like saying that the following should never be bought, used or listened to:
    Volkswagen cars
    Anything made by BASF, Bayer, Agfa, or Hoechst and by extension their subsequent companies (Aventis, Celanese AG) as they used slave labour at Monowitz when they were part of IG Farben
    Wagner (as Hippo has already said)
    or anything else that any subhuman dictator has used or instigated.
    Do you work for the Sun?
  17. juakali

    juakali New commenter

    Still no answer then?
    Would you use a website that is known to sponsor terrorism?

  18. Hippo. My comments were aimed at your mistaken assumption that this guy will receive some sort of retributive justice against him in prison above and beyond his sentence. That's OK. Most people do not know how the prison population is treated after sentencing. I do.
    As far as using **********. ********** provides free resources. It makes money from advertising on its site. By using this site and increasing its popularity, you increase the advertsing power of that site. Simply put, your twice convicted paedophile makes more money off the back of that. Please think about the industry that people like him fuel. What sort of images did this guy view? Child Rape? Forced sexual activity between minors? Maybe it was just photos of kids private areas? Would that be ok? Are your children in your class imune from being the victims of this industry? If they are, I'm moving to your country because that's where my kids will be best protected.
    We are talking about the present day not some companies or people that had questionable allegiances ethically and politically decades ago. It doesn't make you a criminal using **********, it just makes you ignorant at best (on this subject), morally questionable at the very worst.
    I'm very sorry to be so blunt about it. These are things I would say face to face with anyone who would advocate the continued use of **********.

  19. Now that's going a bit too far!
    It's amusing to see how the self-righteous still insist that they know best and that their way is the only way.
  20. Sorry SMT dude but that won't do at all. The objections to ********** aren't political - they are about the individual. The war and the National Curriculum may well be all you say, and may well have the effects you describe. But governmental policy and child abuse for personal gratification are not equivalent in terms of the motivation behind them.

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