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Do LAs have targets for new appointments?

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by sugarglass, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. I guess that every organisation or employer has the responsibility for who they expose their kids to and so the buck stops with them for ensuring that the people under their roof are who they say they are and are no risk. If anything goe wrong then they are held to account so they must be the one to verify that you are who you say you are and you have an unblemished disclosure record. it is no good your previous employer or boss telling them you're fine when it is they who have to ensure for themselves that all is fine and the person stepping through their door is the person on the disclosure. Legally it has to be that way every time.
  2. Sorry I did not make it clear. I am in the same school. I have been for more than 20 years.
  3. Yes you did make that clear but the way it seemed tome - you are moving over to the nursery section so I am thinking maybe it is considered (on paper) to be another organisation even if it is within the same building. Is another person responsible for the staff of that section? Seems hugely bureacratic I agree but maybe for reasons of legal responsibility? Are you thinking that it might be some way of massaging appointment statistics? I doubt it myself but I'm no expert.
  4. Doesn't happen in our school. All part of the same school including the nursery. And over the last 2 years, teachers have moved in and out of nursery into the mainstream classes - no exchange of contracts, no disclosures or anything at all.
  5. Wrt OP, this is nonsense. I have never heard of this and I have been teaching for nearly 20 years. I would strongly advise that you contact your union rep for advice and clarification. If they expect you to sign a new contract, does that mean that your length of service will now stop and start again from scratch with the new contract?
    I would be very careful not to sign anything without additional advice. I am very suspicious of the motives of LAs at the moment. In my LA, there are jobs being advertised but they are heavily weighted in favour of NQTs and probationers.
    Just be careful!
  6. Have to agree with VelmaDinckley and be very careful with a 'new' contract. After my secondment last year I had to sign a new contract and my Head Teacher ensured the start date was changed to when I had originally began teaching at the school (3 yrs before) because if staff changes occurred I could have been the first out! Wouldn't trust anyone just now and definitely seek advice.
  7. mot


    I am in a similar situation. I choose to accept a 0.8 position rather than a compulsory transfer. I have been in a permanent post for 6 years in the school and will be teaching the same class next year. I have to do a PVG and forms have arrived for signing with new appointment on them.
    Does anyone know if there are national regulations for this.
  8. Flyonthewall75

    Flyonthewall75 New commenter

    As others have said, what an utter and complete nonsense.
    If the nursery is part of the school, under the management of the HT, why would you need a new contract and disclosure (PVG)?
    Why would moving to a nursery class within a school be any different from moving to a different primary class, or stage, within a school?
    Your existing qualification allows you to teach from nursery to P7 so why would you need a new contract to teach in a nursery in the same school where you have already taught before?
    Could it be that someone, somewhere, has had a knee-jerk reaction to recent stories in the media and believes 'it's better to be safe than sorry' and wants to 'cover their back'.
    Make sure you check with your union on the need for a new, nursery-specific contract. If your LA decides to do away with teachers in their nurseries, you could, theoretically, find yourself out of a job.
  9. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    That would be my thought too. Check with union as soon as possible.

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