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Do I tell them exactly what I think?

Discussion in 'History' started by sulis, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. hi everyone,

    after months of waiting, a History job at my perfect school has come up, but I'm a bit stuck on what to say in the letter of application.
    The school want 2 sides of A4 on what I think about the teaching and learning of History in secondary schools - something which I've never been asked to do before.
    Do I put down my own experiences?
    Do I say that I am in favour of chronological rather than thematic History?
    I personally would like to see History teachers liberated from all of the political interfering which has taken place over the years since I did my A levels in 1988, and a return to a knowledge based academic subject - but will the school hate this?
    I have 10 years of teaching the subject, but I'm scared to death of this letter of application! i just want to teach a subject which has consummed my thoughts and soul since I can remember.
    Any advice gratefully received
    Sulis xx
  2. Is it possible to tell anything from the school's website or prospectus - particularly the History Department's page - about their view of History teaching, sulis? You may be able to read between the lines.
  3. You need to address teaching and learning as two different issues for a start.

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