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Do I need to buy a breastfeeding pillow?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Coolgiraffe, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Not sure whether I need to buy one or whether I can make do with normal pillows so I don't have another pricey 'necessity' to find a home for after it's had it use!!
    Thanks, Coolgiraffe (35+3) xxx
  2. I've breastfed 2 children and have never owned or even used a breastfeeding pillow. So no I don't think it's a necessity, but a lot of people do find them useful.
  3. No! I wouldn't waste your money.
    One or two normal cushions or pillows are useful though.
  4. OH bought me a (v cheap) v shaped pillow and I used that with a normal pillow. After a while, couldn't be bothered faffing around so normal pillows did the trick. Shoved them down the side of the sofa when anyone came to visit!
  5. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    I wouldn't recommend you buy a bf pillow either. Some women find them useful in some situations but I think it makes more sense to get used to bfing without a massive cushion in tow.
  6. i had a V shaped pillow for £7.99 from Dunelm (to use in bed whilst pregnant as i struggled to get comfy) which did help me as i had severe SPD and a lot of pain in my pelvis so it helped me hold my baby up without listing to one side. my friend bought a specific breastfeeding pillow and never used it.
  7. No, please do not waste your money. Myself and other breastfeeding mums I know have not bought a pillow. I tend to use the pillows or cushions that are in the house. I have never found myself wishing I had bought one. There are plenty of other things to buy!
    Lots of love to you and best wishes x
  8. Unlike others I found that just propping up with normal pillows always ended up in problems (whilst out and about etc fed without a pillow of course, no problem, but not day in day out). I had SPD in pregnancy and have problematic neck and back anyway.
    I tried a few (at groups and clinics) and found this one BRILLIANT and all the others not that different from an assortment of normal pillows
    It's only £10 so not pricey, and is inflatable (def wouldn't recommend inflating and deflating regularly - it's a faff) so if you don't use it or have finished with it and want to put it away for next baby it takes up very little room.
    I found it far more solid and supportive than the soft BF pillows which I found useless.
    I will be trying to find my old one (lent it to various mates and lost track of it!) but otherwise will buy a new one ready for baby 2 due in 10 weeks.
  9. PS I second some of the reviews on the Boots website that this is supportive enough to sit up straight and have a meal yourself as you can feed hands free once you are used to it.
  10. I would second the recomendation of a V shaped pillow. Great for feeding and also great for when LO is just learning to sit up by themselves, you can put it behind them to prop them up and/or cushion them when they topple over. I also used mine for tummy time for LO, I sort of draped her torso over it so she was supported but had to try and hold her head up. If we didn't use it and put her straight onto the floor she was not happy!
  11. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    I was bought one as a gift - find it invaluable and can't sit on the settee without it now! I had major pelvis problems when pregnant and the constant feeding in the early days was giving me backache until I was given the pillow! Plus I use it to support baby on the floor, or she sometimes sleeps on the settee with it round her.
  12. I used a v-pillow (from Dunelm) and it really helped get LO in the right position. I foud normal cushions etc popped out and he'd have to latch on again. Think I also found it particularly useful as I had a c-section so there was no pressure on the scar - it was in the 'V' bit so not touching my belly
  13. mine has been fantastic. Had so many problems with latch that i couldn't have managed without it. I find it great for night feeds when I'm mega tired and lush to lounge on the sofa with.
  14. i have one from Asda called a Widgie. it is a red horseshoe shape and is very firm not pillowlike. Found it useful when baby was tiny. Didn't need it when she got bigger but she sits propped up in it which has been much better than a Bumbo. it was and still is £16 in the Asda baby sale which is on at the mo.
    Think also depends on your boobs. if they are small you have to lift baby to them more than if they hang quite low and baby can lie in your lap! You won't really know what your boobs will do til after birth!
  15. I did not buy one (was given one by a friend) and found it invaluable. I have severe back problems anyway and during the initial stages it really took the pressure off my back. I don't know how useful they are for people with 'normal' backs though. I think I stopped using it at about 6 weeks as he could latch on by himself without any problems so didn't need it then as I wasn't having to help him to latch on. (Does that make any sense?)
  16. Cool giraffe, I'd definitely say get a cheap one (and they often seem to be the firmer ones like boots and asda which I think is what makes them helpful!) and see how you go. You can try others at your leisure at groups / bf clinics. And they are most useful in those challenging early weeks.
  17. People have been breastfeeding since the stone age and they managed quite nicely without all the stupid gimmicks that companies dream up to part you from your money.

    pillow protectors
  18. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    Hello! I have not been on this forum since 2013!! Last time I was a part of Spring 2012 babies - lovely to see Coolgiraffe and Beechut both expecting baby no2! I'm a bit behind you both-due with no2 in November :)
  19. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hiya sabby! I'm not expecting no 2 yet, still only thinking about it! Got a very busy year this year so it probably won't happen soon. I'm lurking on all things baby related forums on here though as I'm so excited to read how everyone is doing.

    Lovely news on your pregnancy! Many congratulations xxx

    Have you joined winter babies yet? Please do so I can follow your progress too!

    How is your little one? Terrible twos yet? My little girl is everything I could've wished for and more (apart from the tantrums ;-)

    I love her talking, I'm amazed every day by what she comes out with xxx

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