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Do I need to be working in a school to do a QTLS course?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by israhafeez, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. israhafeez

    israhafeez New commenter


    I have just recently completed my PGCE and have a QTS but I wanted to do the QTLS course.

    I know that you're supposed to be competing online workbooks etc but I wanted to know if I am supposed to be employed at a school to do this course?

    I don't have a job at a school at the moment so does this mean I'd have to ask a school to take me on for 1 day a week so i can teach some lessons whilst completing the QTLS course? (I'm assuming 1 day a week as I've heard I need to be teaching a minimum of 2 hours a week)

    I am just a little unsure of what I need to be doing during the course really and how it all works!!

    Is it just online workbook or volunteering in a school too? How easy is it to get a placement in a school to complete this course?

    Sorry for any stupid questions I just really don't know how it works!

    Any help will be appreciated!

  2. saluki

    saluki Lead commenter

    Why do you want to do QTLS??
    QTLS is the equivalent of QTS.
    If you work/ go to work in an FE college or environment you will be given CPD and training which will enable you to adapt your teaching methods to your students' needs.
  3. israhafeez

    israhafeez New commenter


    I wanted to do it because I am not able to complete the rest of my NQT terms due to some unforseen circumstances. I have only done one term. So I thought doing a QTLS course will be good as I won't have to worry about my NQT year.

    Do you think schools will give me a placement of 1 day a week to help me complete this course? I'm worried about not getting a response from schools

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