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Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Miss_Qatar, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    Currently working on my CV for a teaching post in the ME. Do I include a photo? A couple people I have spoken to said that a photo is required on your CV when applying for teaching jobs overseas, is that right?
    Miss Q
  2. daybreak07

    daybreak07 New commenter

    I would say so. Most intl schools in the ME that I have applied to have stipulated a CV with a photo. If the post you're applying for doesn't, then I would say including one anyway would show that you know how to compose a CV tailored to what they really want! In the end I went for a smiley 'non-passport' style photo, that was not too informal.

    Oh and there is always photoshop ;0
  3. Thanks daybreak07 :) They haven't specified that a photo is to be included but if that's what they generally require then looks like i better get snapping then..say cheeeeeeese...as i don't think a photo of me half trollied off my head would bode well, ahem [​IMG]
  4. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    The one I sent was from a night out, well composed anyway and then cropped to exclude all evidence. I was looking quite smart in it and you couldn't tell. It was the only decent picture of me. [​IMG]

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