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Do I have the RIGHT to change the age and stage I teach??

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Imsdal, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I don't know but I think that there's no right to change your stage. However the way I would suggest going about this would be a move within a school as this is fairly common. As a peripatetic I imagine you're not based in a particular school so perhaps your first move should be to move to a Nursery post in a school for a year or so and then ask to move up from there. I would also imagine a larger school having more scope for such a move and perhaps more chance of a teacher who would love to experience Nursery.
    You could ask for help developing professionally as in courses etc to keep yourself in the loop with things in different stages which would give you more stuff to sell yourself with.
  2. The thing is there are no nursery posts in schools for me to move to. The majority of councils have either moved to a peripatetic model already or are considering it in their budget proposals for this year.
    Have kept myself in the loop with regards to courses etc. but yeah that only does so much.
    It's a tricky situation and just highlights that this wasn't thought through at the initial stages.
  3. I would advise you identify your wish for a "change" to your line manager during your PRD. As well, councils currently are looking at staffing for August, so if you could let the person involved in staffing allocation know that you are looking for primary experience, then there would be a greater chance of that happening.
    Have you considered applying for a primary job share within your council? You might be able to work at your present post for a 3 days and do the job share for 2 days. Let people know what you are seeking.
  4. alluded vs eluded

  5. How disappointing that the only comment you can make is to correct my spelling. I was looking for some constructive feedback when I contributed to this thread.
    If people are going to take the time to contribute to these discussions, the least they should be able to hope for is more in the way of constructive comments, feedback or information. I'm surprised you even bothered to make the effort!
  6. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Lead commenter

  7. thanks to those who commented.

    no i have not been successful so far - but shall keep everyone posted as to my progress.

    i stand corrected that it should have been ALLUDED not ELUDE. Professional development in spelling - TICK!
  8. Hi jhu04135
    You have my every sympathy as this happened to me too. I was "stuck" in nursery for 6 years after qualifying and doing my probationary period in nursery. As you will have noticed it is nigh on impossible to find anyone to take you seriously as a prospective class teacher after this. I started applying for classroom posts after I had been in nursery for less than 2 years and no one would touch me with a barge pole, even for an infant class. I eventually escaped by transferring to my council's permanent supply staff, did a year of this and was then lucky enough to be kept on at one of the schools I had done long term cover for. I have been in mainstream ever since and have no intentions of ever backing myself into such a cul de sac again. It appears that most councils no longer place probationers in nursery posts for precisely this reason. Are you in a school based nursery or a standalone? If attached to a school then there maybe a chance to swap with one of the infant teachers for a year to get the experience you need, if not it's very difficult. You could ask your line manager for a transfer to another post, a fellow of mine did this at the end of last year to escape from an Additional Support Class (same problem) and was moved back into infants but in another school. You just have to keep trying.
    Best of luck in your quest!
  9. hi babette

    thanks for your reply. i am persevering and trying to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING to expand my experience.

    and yes, you're right no one is touching me with a barge pole and its as if i am not a "real" teacher!!! It's incredibly frustrating.

    if only i could transfer to perm supply - problem is it doesn't exist in my authority.

    will keep trying

  10. I jumped ship just in time as it disappeared in my authority only two years after I had moved to it. Luckily the school I was in wanted to keep me.
    Unfortunately this attitude is all too real with regards to nursery teachers; it's as if they are deemed only fit for "babysitting duties", which anyone who has spent any time teaching in nursery knows is patently NOT the case.
    Please let me know if you manage to escape.
    Best of luck

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