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Do half terms count towards NTQ?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by shinny12, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. shinny12

    shinny12 New commenter

    Hi. I have a NQT role lined up for September but will leave to go on Maternity at October half term. The plan is to return the following year for Autumn term 2 and complete the rest of the NQT year. Would Autumn term 1 count towards my NQT or would it have to be a full term to count?
    Hope this makes sense.
  2. maleprime

    maleprime New commenter

    I am assuming your school are happy to continue to take you on as an NQT when you are only going to be there for half a term and to offer you maternity pay based upon M1 rate - seems a very good deal?! Wouldn't it be more beneficial for yourself and the school to wait until next Sep to do your NQT? This may mean you may have to be employed as an Unqualified Teacher for this Autumn 1 which again the school may prefer to do given the context but then it would affect your maternity. I have no clue regarding contracts in relation to maternity pay but am just speculating given the described context. :oops:
  3. ajc89

    ajc89 Occasional commenter

    The full term. In my 1st nqt job, I quit in the October and it didn’t count towards it because it wasn’t a full term. When I got my 2nd nqt job it was afresh- like I hadn’t actually started it. And I finished my final term in a different school after resigning in the middle of the last nqt term, and doing that term again. Might be different if you plan on going back, as I guess it’s like a pause and you will have the interim assessment done - where as I actually quit first time. You have 3 major points at the end of long terms, the short terms are just interims
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You cannot be employed as an unqualified teacher when your have QTS and are qualified.
    There's no reason why the OP can't be employed at any school on M1 pay for any amount of work, even just one day.
    Induction terms need to be a term's length - from any point in one school term until the same point in the next. Thus the half term of work will not end up completing an Induction term and will not be part of Induction. Induction will strat on the return to work after Maternity leave.

    I don't know about maternity Leave qualification periods but I'm not sure that half a term of work would be enough to qualify.

    The following explains it for those covered by Burgundy Book and suggest thta the OP would not get maternity pay.
  5. maleprime

    maleprime New commenter

    I suggested to my employer to be put under an unqualified rate in preparation to continue my NQT year after a significant many number of years of having left the school that I started it in. I then went on to do NQT accordingly as M1. I'm not suggesting the poster should do this given the different context and maybe as you suggest schools can't themselves suggest employment to someone on this basis?
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    That is highly irregular.
    Back in 2000 when there was a 5 term limit on how long you could do supply work without having completed Induction, I was offered a 6 week teaching stint in MFL but was prevented from accepting it as it was not long enough to be part of Induction. I contacted the Dept for Education to say how crazy it was that I could not take the job despite being an MFL specialist but that other non-specialists or even unqualified teachers could be put in front of the classes.
    I specifically asked if I could take the job by pretending to be unqualified and getting paid on the top of the unqualified scale. I was warned of the legal consequences of masquerading as unqualified when qualified and of not answering application questions truthfully.
    My Union also told me that you have to be paid on the qualified scale if you have QTS, which we all have after passing our initial teacher training.
    The rules on supply have now changed to allow NQTs 5 years from getting QTS to work on short-term supply, if necessary, before needing Induction terms.

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