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Do all after school events legally require a member of SLT present?

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by anon1240, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I don't think it's "illegal". But there has to be someone on site as the nominated person in charge for all school-run events. In our school (and all others in which I have worked), that means a member of SLT/SMT.
  2. There is no legal requirement for a member of school staff to be at an out of hours event. Like many schools we hire out the school, or parts of it, to third parties without any members of staff, including the caretaker being present.
    There would be no children related H & S issue as there were clearly sufficient adults at the event. Sounds to me as if a parent is grandstanding. Ignore it. It will go away.
  3. If it is a PTA event then no staff member need be present. When I was in my first term as a new HT the PTA organised a ball for the parents. I left at 11pm (the last member of staff to do so) and at 11:30 there was an enormous fight involving 20 dads (and some mums), with police called etc. I was devastated and immediately fessed up to the LA. interestingly they were pleased that I wasn't there as had I been, I would have doubtless tried to break it up and got smacked in the mouth for my trouble - which the LA thought would have been a disaster as they would then have had to have the parent charged. As it was, when the police arrived all the bloodied and black-eyed dada insisted that they "had fallen over". The PTA spent the Sunday clearing up the blood and teeth from the hall floor, I banned every protagonist from PTA events for a year and all PTA events had to be alcohol free!

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