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Distance learning TA courses

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by littlemisstickles, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hi there - sorry just tagging on to the end of this.......
    Your CV will look far more appealing if you can get some work experience with children. You could take a week off work maybe and volunteer in a school or why not volunteer in the evening - if you go on the Job Centre website there is a section on voluntary jobs in your area - could be working in a group for Dyslexic children or Young Carers group.
    Good luck!
  2. Hey Lottie,
    I am doing it with the Home Learning College so far, it's really good. It's pretty time consuming though but you get 2 years to complete it. I mainly picked it because of good reviews from a friend and also because I can pay in installments.
    It's difficult with the experience thing because for example, with my course you have to complete 50 hours in a school. I am lucky enough to be working as a TA but finding it hard to fit in.
    I really do agree that experience is essential-these courses are nothing without them as you need experience in school to back up your work. Is there any way your work could release you for 1 day a week or if it's easier, in a block of a few weeks?
  3. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    Anyone doing a distance learning course with no 'work experience' in school will only be able to learn about the 'typical' role of the teaching assistant in a general manner. My view is that this can be found just by searching the INTERNET from various forums etc so I wouldn't waste ANY money on any of these courses.

    When you apply for a job the school will want someone who they can rely on to get on with the job under the direction of class teacher/head. What they do not want is to have to TRAIN' someone in how to work within a class/ with groups of children or individuals. That role is for student TAs ( who are in school to gain practical experience and do not get paid)
    Other course such as the NVQ (both levels 2 and 3) require some work experience in fact without this the course could not be achieved.

    Ask yourself if you were employing a TA (and there may well be many people applying for one job) who would you choose?
    Then decide which course would be most appropriate. Distance learning without 'any' school contact in my opinion is virtually worthless. However that is not to say distance learning courses are not useful if they are balanced with learning the theory and practical experience.
  4. Hi. I thought that you might be intersted in reading about this distance learning course which looks pretty good to me. Hope this helps.

  5. May I know where you take HLTA, I am also looking a place to take that? please help
  6. snugglepot

    snugglepot Occasional commenter

    You would need to ask your Local Authority.Training is arranged through different Universities but may be in a another local setting.You must have the approval of the Headteacher of your workplace and there is no longer funding unless the school is willing to pay it for you.Don't be fooled into thinking some of the distance learning courses are the HLTA they are not as you cannot gain the status through them.
  7. E111 is a level 4 certificate in supporting learning in primary schools. it is is Higher Education rather than Further Education. I got my level 4 TA job in part because I had the level 4 qualification. (In part as I had the experience etc as well).

    E111 does not give you HLTA status though. E111 also gives you 60 points towards a degree if you want to continue studying.

    Good luck with what ever you do. Just be wary of some of the online courses that do not require a placement in school, many are not recognised and HTs disregard them.


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