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Dissertations with an SEN focus

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by rugby_gal06, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. Has anybody done a dissertation with an SEN focus? What sort of topics did you look at?
    Help appreciated
  2. Has anybody done a dissertation with an SEN focus? What sort of topics did you look at?
    Help appreciated
  3. My dissertation (M.Ed) was examining how the perceptions and skills of staff impacted upon the building of a dyslexia friendly school


    Find something that fascinates you and that you can build upon - it'll be with you for a while. Mine has been very useful as I am able to apply my research to my work.
  4. That sounds like an awesome topic! What methods did you use to compile the research?
  5. I just completed an ou masters i did one on behaviour one on dyslexia looking at the phono graphix programme y final was a proposal to take to a phd like has been said find soething that interests you or look for some current programmes used to teach children with sen look atreading schemes and compare the perceptions of children with sen taking part in programes i think is always good one the the impact of support assistants in raising standards list is endless and fascinating
  6. I work in an SLD school and I did my dissertation on the effects of a sensory integration approaches programme on challenging behaviour. I introduced a sensory integration programme to a pupil with autism and challenging behaviour and the effects were amazing. Make sure you choose something that is pertinent to your work as it makes it more interesting and its nice to see the end product!!!??
  7. Maybe you could talk about the differences between integration and inclusion for your masters eveo2? I find that there is a huge difference between the two. I did my masters on a child with ASD and verbal dyspraxia - looking at ways to encourage speech and communication.

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