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Dissertation Topic

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Leapyearbaby64, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    I also think transition would be a good one. It would be interesting to compare approaches in different types of schools. My experience has been in a large infant school where I think the transition was very good and in a very small village school where F2 and KS1 were in one class, so there was not really a transition issue at all and then in my school now (which is so fab in many respects) where children go from F2 to a fairly formal mixed age Y1/Y2 class and they do struggle.
  2. This is pretty much what I did my dissertation on :) Was really interesting what different teachers thought and put together nicely everything I had learned over the 4yrs of my Early Years course degree. It also has formed a lot of my opinions that I have now used as a teacher in Reception.
    Transition is probably more of a hot topic for now though and especially will be at the forefront of teachers' minds in the next term.
    Good luck!!

  3. Hey Amfox & thompangel ,

    I am also in the process of deciding on my MIS topic and am leaning towards either the transition from a Private Day Nursery to School or the FS to KS1 looking at this from teachers and parents perspectives. It would be great if we could maybe share our findings/any interesting relevant literature? :) Good luck!

  4. Hi thompangel
    I recently finished my MA and did my MIS on the transition form FS to KS1, but from the children's perspective. Through interviews and pictures the children predicted what it would be like in the next class and then I repeated this process after they had spent a few weeks in Y1 to see if their predictions came true. The results/evidence helped me to persuade the Head to change the Y1 classroom so that it became more play-based with areas of provision. Let me know if I can be of any help if you go with this.
  5. Have you any recommendation for places to do masters please?
  6. Hi redstitcher72,

    Not sure if you still on forum, but saw your message about transition, I am in the process of doing my dissertation and transition from FS to KS! really interests me. Have started reading, but am struggling with the questions to ask the children as I don't want to appear negative or worry them. Would appreciate if you could help with any ideas.

    Many Thanks
  7. Hi i am currently about to start my dissertation but keep getting my question rejected by my tutor and im really struggling as to where to go from here, im also looking into studying play, my question so far is how does fantasy play benefit a child socially and emotionally within an early years setting

    i know its far to broad but i dont know where to go from here??
  8. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    Do you mean role play? Or fantasy, as in superheroes?

    Have you thought about what research methods you could use? And how working on this question will benefit you in your future career?

    When I was doing my dissertation I had an idea of the main topic, and then wrote as many possible related questions as I could think of. I then left it a day and went back to it and crossed off any that were ridiculous/boring/already been done etc. This helped narrow it down a bit!

    Good luck!
  9. Hi I am doing a very similar topic and was wondering if you could help me out. I have decided to interview teachers.

    thank you :)
  10. Hi i am also doing mine on this, would be very pleased if you could send me your reference list and told me how you went about carrying out the research please. thank you
  11. Hi i am also doing mine on this, would be very pleased if you could send me your reference list and told me how you went about carrying out the research please. thank you

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