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Dissertation Survey: ICT use in schools

Discussion in 'Independent' started by MuinteoirSam, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. MuinteoirSam

    MuinteoirSam New commenter

    Hi there everyone,
    I'm currently studying Primary Teaching and as part of my degree, am undertaking a dissertation based on the use of ICT in resource and learning support settings to support the needs of children with additional learning needs. If anyone has a spare few minutes, I'd be incredibly grateful if you could take a look at my survey linked below and complete it. You don't need to use ICT a lot, or even at all to complete it, I'm looking for views from everyone, not just the extremely tech savvy :p It takes roughly 10 minutes to complete and is mainly tick box answers [​IMG] I'm mainly looking for learning support/resource teachers, but classroom teachers, student teachers, or really anyone else would be great too, just please indicate your position at the beginning of the survey. The survey is totally anonymous, and the data collected will be used to complete my dissertation.
    Many thanks in advance! [​IMG]

    Link to survey:

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