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Dissertation research

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by humairayasmin97, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. humairayasmin97

    humairayasmin97 New commenter

    I am in my third year at University of East London and I’m studying Early Childhood and Special Education and I’ll be starting my dissertation this October and hopefully graduating on July 2019. I hope you could pass the message on to the rightful person.

    I am looking for participants (nursery or reception teachers and SENCOs) that could be able to participate in my dissertation/research for my topic. So, my topic is ‘a comparison of class teachers and sencos perspectives on transition strategies for children with autism traits from nursery to reception aged 3-5’. My approach in this involves a questionnaire or interview, alongside an ethics and permission form that needs to be filled for ethical purposes. I have written in my research proposal that all of the responses will be anonymous and that I will not need their names in the dissertation I will implement in third year. If any members of staff inform any personal information, I will have to disclose it to my dissertation supervisor and yourself for any advice that could be followed, because it is important you are also aware of their situation and I will most likely inform them this as well and provide them some information that might be useful when it comes to supporting children with a pre diagnosis of autism through transition to a new academic year.

    However, the reason was from my professional and personal experience. I felt that during my time working on placement, I never seen transitional tasks and I felt there was some missing gap of it so I always wondered what approaches and ideas were used so I wanted to always highlight that because shifting a child one to another, can either create a negative or positive impact, therefore it would be interesting to know a different perspective on both practical roles and it would be helpful for me as I would like to be a SENCO myself and work within primary school settings.

    I hope you could allow me to visit your school to find some participants who could be interested in my research for my third year and provide you information ethically and do some research on my topic. As soon I know what I’m doing in my third year, I will contact you the details. Don’t hesitate if you have any questions. I’ll provide my current DBS from my university as well once I get my confirmation. Anywhere Wiltshire or London based will be useful.

    Best wishes,

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