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Dissertation ideas, SEN/Inclusion

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laurieg27, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I'm in my third year on a primary teaching course and have to start writing my independent research project! It can be on almost anything related to primary schools/children.
    I am interested in looking at SEN but have spoke to my tutor and she suggests my title to be 'What approaches does 'school X' use to support the individual needs of learners?'
    I'm now a little lost as to what to use for my key research questions in order to focus my research. I have thought about looking at how intervention programs are used to support children but feel thats too restrictive!
    If anyone has any ideas at all, or have done dissertations on similar subject, please help me! :D
    I'd be very grateful as I feel I'm at a dead end right now!
    Thank you x
  2. Hi Laurie,
    I did my dissertation last summer, my focus was on the teaching of phonics and how systematic synthetic phonics help in the development of children's reading. It was a pretty 'hot' topic at the time so I was able to gather lots of research to underpin my ideas.
    It also allowed me to look at many different areas to gather conclusive evidence for my dissertation. Interview the children - what do they think about phonics?
    Read with the children - can they apply their phonic skills to their reading? If they get stuck on a tricky word - ask them how they might overcome this?
    With regards to your topic, there is a wide scope for yours also. You could try some of your own intervention methods and compare them with that of a school - which works better? why do you think this etc? Could you change/alter them to make them better?
    Again, interview the teachers, children that take part in the programmes, do they think they are effective?
    Look at progress that the children have made since they began taking part in the intervention programmes. Remember to think about external factors, are parents continuing the provision at home? Are these children making more progress than others?
    You could also look at different settings in which these programmes take place. You'll find that schools that can provide a calm, quiet and spacious area will be more attentive than those that don't have a particular area to go to in the school.
    Hope this helps. x
  3. Your tutor's title for your dissertation is allowing you to explore a number of areas of support chn may receive in school. Perhaps you can compare the different forms of support - interventions out of class, support in class, 1:1 specialist tuition, support from the class teacher by way of scaffolded class work, etc. You could consider why one form of support is provided instead of another and how that decision is made, the effectiveness of the support provided.
    I think it may depend on what sort of access you will have with a school as to the type of question you can ask and the data you could hope to collect. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks so much [​IMG]
    Your advice has given me lots of ideas of where to go with my research!
    Thanks for your help! Fingers crossed I can get going with it now!
    Thanks again x
  5. Thank you so much for replying! That has really helped me in working out where to direct my research! Much appreciated!
    Thank you x

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